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(110) Norman Chaleff
Sun, 11 January 2015 20:47:55 +0000

Hi Daniel,
I've watched a lot of your videos and find them mostly spot on. I resigned from my former career in finance and am undertaking a MSW, which I will complete next year at age 61, Most of my prior education in this area came from the human potential movement in the 80's, including Lifesping, Actualizations (Stuart Emory) and the Forum, all of which are very consonant with what you have been saying (in my opinion).

Two things I would comment on: You mention that in an enlightened person, the distinction between conscious and unconscious would go away. I think a better way to think about it is that the conscious mind has limited capacity, while the unconscious mind has many more "parallel processors" working all the time to perceive and interpret our environment. An enlightened person has the ability to focus on those unconscious parts at will (the separation barrier is not guarded by fear). But I have not met anyone who is able to be conscious of every judgement and evaluation that is made every second. Instead, the proposed model is to have the different elements of the self come to a mutually agreed conclusion about goals and objectives, so the unconscious processors receive clear and consistent direction to notice things and make choices that will advance the person's goals and objectives.

The second thing I would like to comment on is the notion that one should not have children until one has in a meaningful sense "finished the work" of dealing with childhood trauma. I think that is problematic for two reasons. The first is that the persons who would listen to that advice are likely much more advanced along the path of self awareness than persons who would not seek or follow such advice. So by telling those whose task is started but not completed not to reproduce, you would have the next generation be on average be more traumatized that the current generation who does not follow that advice.
I think the test is not whether one has achieved self-awareness, enlightenment, or however you phrase it. I would recommend that any potential parent that understands they have unresolved issues AND IS WILLING TO ADMIT THAT TO THE CHILD AND ADMIT TO BEING WRONG can be ready to have children if they can have some basic level of self control. Children can understand being enrolled in the family helping each other struggle with each person's brokenness in search for wholeness. If that fundamental truth is acknowledged, there is a lot of room for all to grow and be better than not existing (not being born). My fundamental mantra as a father was "I'm not better than you or smarter than you, and I may be wrong, but I have the responsibility to make the best decision I can, even though it may be wrong." The follow on was (and is) "I am not in competition with you - I want you to exceed me in every dimension that you are interested in." To say this more (perhaps) in alignment with the language you have been using, the problem is not the trauma, or even the repression of the trauma. The problem is the lie that there is no repression. Children can understand and deal with damaged parents. It's vastly harder to deal with being lied to and having one's reality denied.
Norman Chaleff

(109) Bill
Wed, 7 January 2015 22:04:02 +0000

In responding to your comments in -My Intended Audience for - and as a practicing counselor, working with children for the last 15 years, I thank you for voicing exactly what is missing in "parenting" and in the illusion people call "reality". Your work is unparalleled in the mental health field. If you look for allies count me in. Keep it up!!

(108) Marina Landman
Tue, 6 January 2015 13:47:15 +0000

I hope this email finds you well! I attended last years
Mental Health Film Festival and watched a documentary that you
made "Coming off Psych Drugs: A Meeting of the Minds". We spoke after the Q&A and you gave me a DVD of your film. My name is Marina Landman, and I work at a peer-run program called Community Links. You can learn more about us here: and you can feel free to contact me for more information. We're currently are working on a film screening and discussion showing "Coming off Psych Drugs: A Meeting of the Minds" on Sun Jan 25 1-4pm at the Brooklyn Central Library. I'm contacting you to first make sure you're aware of this event which we're very excited about, and to also inquire
about your possible participation.Please contact me so that we can further discuss your involvement in our FREE event and so that I can share the event flyer with you. I can be reached at 917-572-1247.I really look forward to hearing back from you!

(107) Mountain Poet
Sat, 3 January 2015 02:40:36 +0000

Dear Daniel,

It's another New Year at last (2015) and your video on 'Childhood Trauma and the Process of Healing' is one of the best clips on that subject that I have ever seen. I count it as one of the true gifts to come out of a holiday season that brought home some of those childhood traumas when I least expected it, as some holiday seasons are wont to do. So thank you from the bottom of my heart for your work. It is a wondrous gift that you have brought into the world and I am grateful for the clarity of your wisdom. Namaste.

(106) Sue Clark-Wittenberg
Fri, 12 December 2014 19:14:01 +0000

Hi Daniel:

I am impressed with all your work.

(105) Rafael Stoklosa
Thu, 11 December 2014 05:48:47 +0000

Hello Daniel,
After another hospitalization and same result of being medicated in a holdover pen, with no answers as how to heal my inner child, being re traumatized by staff who is in denial of their own trauma. It's just a job for them, they speak down to patients and don't grasp the importance of healing trauma, the ignorance just goes through the ranks of the facility. What I noticed is that denial of personal trauma is an epidemic. The question I have is where do I go to heal, being vulnerable in order to find pieces of me is virtually impossible in the enviroment I'm in it always leads to defenses going up and dissociating. It's so hard to trust. What advice can you give me Daniel?

(104) Hans
Tue, 2 December 2014 03:10:04 +0000

Wow. This brother's on point. Thank you, Daniel Mackler

(103) anon
Sun, 30 November 2014 17:03:01 +0000

A good article on how deep insight meditation cured mental illness.. I cured my BPD the same way thru intensive 10-day silent meditation retreats over 7 years

(102) Ruth Quinones
Sat, 22 November 2014 16:36:03 +0000

Dear Dave Mackler,Do you know where I can go for help in finishing the tapering of this drug zyprexa that is affecting my son Chris.He did the tapering as instructed but is experiencing agitation,insomnia,brain fog,disfocused,unvoluntary movement.My son Chris and I don't want him put on another psychotropic drug to leave us in the same suffering situation.And my son is not suppose to be on any psychotropic drug.This is lawsuit from the local hospital.Please direct us to caring people.Your help is greatly appreciated.And if you would like to follow my sons withdrawal we would honored to participate.

Sincerely,Ruth Quinones

(101) Akua
Tue, 11 November 2014 01:53:52 +0000

Dear Daniel
Intellectually stimulating
heartwarming and healing
funny and feeling
you are a gift to us all!

Thanks for Your True Self
my life is better for having watched your videos, reflected on the questions you pose and for the kindness shared with us all through your committment to being human.

I would like to say so much more -but for now- in the midst of my own grieving process -I'll say -"thank you thank you, thank you!"

Toronto Canada

(100) Yolanda
Sun, 2 November 2014 13:52:14 +0000

In searching for connection to the healing and recovery of my authentic self, I discovered your youtube video on "Denial in the family system/torture for the child". Without going into detail I related to your presentation and specificity into the breaking what I have come to understand as a type of emotional/amnesia around the effects of the childhood sexual abuse I endured. I would be interested in artistic endeavors that can heal those who are surviving from the various disorders that resulted from family abuse.

(99) Robinson
Sun, 2 November 2014 13:23:41 +0000

Dear Daniel,

First, I'd like to thank you for making your insights so easily available.

I would like to buy your book, "Breaking from your Parents."

However, I am not connected to Paypal. I do have Bitcoins and see that you accept Bitcoin donations. Would it be possible to send you $5 worth of BTC and receive the pdf version of the book?

Thanks for your work, I look forward to your reply and reading the book.

In Liberty,

(98) Shunsuke Shiina
Sat, 18 October 2014 23:28:04 +0000

Hi Mr.Daniel,
I`m Shunsuke Shiina who is diagnosed as Schizophrenia at this July. I`m really inspired by your film and everything, and I`m amazing and thanking to your energy for psychosis problem. Since I started searching about Open Dialogue, I found the leading man for OD in Japan called Tamaki Saitou who has been Keropudas hospital and recommending Open Dialogue to Japan. I`ll be happy if you can connect with him and spread OD thought. I really hope OD gets started in Japan as soon as possible. And if you have a time to answer my question, how to react if I face to my symptom again after I came off the medication. Now I`m trying to come off the medication but I feel anxious after that`s completed. Well thank you for your time.

(97) Daniel Mackler
Tue, 14 October 2014 08:08:43 +0000

hi karen -- i'll reply backchannel because i don't know if you'll read this here. but in boston there's some decent stuff. first, check out -- many of the people involved are in boston. then, there's advocates, inc. and in western mass (my best recommendation) there's the western massachusetts recovery learning community, but you have to live out there. daniel

(96) karen
Tue, 14 October 2014 07:42:51 +0000

hello Daniel. I saw your film on YouTube. My son was diagnosed with schizophrenia and we would like to get him help without medication. You have given us hope. do you have any referrals in the Boston area? Or we would come to New York .love and God bless Karen

(95) Annette Livingstone
Mon, 29 September 2014 17:51:17 +0000

Daniel, having recently discovered you and your work, I feel compelled to say that I believe you are a brave and generous man to share your profound perspective with the world as openly and honestly as you do. I believe this subject is the biggest taboo facing humankind that needs to be exposed in all its ugliness.
I devoured Alice Miller's book on the inner child, (available as an audiobook on YouTube), and have been voracious in digging into what little information is available on this long-ignored, or should I say long-hidden, human crisis.
I finally have a finely focused picture of what has happened to me at the hands of my own parents. I have (again) recently gone NC (no contact) with my parents for the last time, so as to avoid future wounds. I know that if they remain in my life, I will never feel well and/or happy. Thank you for giving us permission to save our souls from the tyrants. Your work is a great gift to my inner child. With love, Annette, aged 56

(94) Jen
Sun, 28 September 2014 18:11:45 +0000

Thank you so much for your sharing of "Take these Broken Wings" and making it free and available to all. WE- the Santa Cruz MH Coalition will be showing this film to our community and will be having a discussion as well!

Information and video documentaries such as these are very powerful tools to assist in slowing down the medical model juggernaut that continues to do more harm than heal. THANKS Again David! Kindly, JEN

(93) Boriz
Sun, 28 September 2014 10:28:33 +0000

Daniel - I watched your post on youtube and I wanted to thank you for having shared it. I could recognise, I could relate to made me happy. Inspirational. Thank(s). Keep liberating yourselves, it inspires me and gave me energy to continue my path towards liberation.

(92) baruch shulem
Tue, 23 September 2014 07:50:46 +0000

I just saw the movie open dialogue. i was both moved and excited. I have worked 'that way' for the last twenty years. i am a trained (phd) therapist living in Jerusalem Israel. There is a book by a Finnish Psychiatrist name Ben Furman who writes in a simple clear english about this way of treating anyone. the book is called Solution Talk. (Norton 1992) note the date.
i was in Finland and ran a workshop on the theme "Just talking".
I have been a lone voice here in Israel about just talking to people. My inhouse research shows that on an average of 6-7 conversations (sessions) people report get better and can do the rest on their own. I work only with the walking wounded: Fear, anxiety, anger, trauma, loneliness, marital issues, etc.
I teach a lot and would like a copy of open dialogue if at all possible. it is such a clear, open and moving picture of my work. WOW
Have you ever been in Jerusalem? Consider yourself invite.
I would like to send you a copy of my book
The Jerusalem Formula: A religious alternative to psychotherapy. Send me an address

Thank you
baruch shulem

(91) Bart
Wed, 17 September 2014 13:25:41 +0000

Hi Daniel,

thanks so much, again :), for your guidance ( truth), over the last couple of years . thanks for your selflessness and work to continue to get the message out . all the best in your journey.

Bart ( Vancouver BC )

(90) Lori Johnstone
Thu, 11 September 2014 16:56:01 +0000


I believe we are on a similar path. From what I get from this, though, is that you are much further ahead of me in terms of recovery. Still, everything you mention here, speaks to me. Be on the look out for my memoir in the future, the working title is "Born in May".

In the meantime, keep changing the world. We all need that.

(89) Yahia Asrawi
Fri, 29 August 2014 11:12:46 +0000

Thank you all very much for your work. "Take these Broken Wings" film gave me hope, I wish it will keep inspiring me for a long time, I will watch it again every time I feel depressed.

Before this movie I was confused about if I have a strong depression or some kind of schizophrenia, because I did a horrible things in the past, like living a lies, even a big lies, have weired, mythical, fictional, life and thoughts.

Unfortunately these days I feel some what shame and embarrassing from things I did, because now I cured, also I get more experience in life, so when I look at my past I can see what's right and what's wrong in my behaviors or actions, but I know that I should pass these feelings, because I changed now and become another person.

Thats all happened to me after tragedies and especially after a lot of bullying, bossy way of dealing with me when I was a child, from school, family...etc, unfortunately it's some thing normal in 3rd world countries.

Psycho medicines helped me but I rethought about them, because they become a part of my life style, and most of the time I am not facing or dealing with my problems I just retaking my pills.

Even the pharmacists who I used to buy my medicines from, they start telling me to stop and "you took enough", thats behavior make me think again about thees pills, because they earn money when I bye from them, so I thought that they are not necessary any more.

Thanks for reading my message, every body welcome to contact me at my E-mail.

Have a nice day.

(88) debbie
Wed, 27 August 2014 13:35:47 +0000

Where is there residential drug detoxification/rehabilitation for prescription anti-psychotics?

(87) Linda
Tue, 19 August 2014 19:53:38 +0000

Just finished your book about breaking ties. It was heaven sent. Thank you.

(86) Jessica Gregg
Thu, 14 August 2014 11:37:48 +0000

Hello Daniel,

I just watched your you tube video on how to tell if your therapist is good. It was quite validating, and helpful to me as a psychotherapist. Many thanks and well wishes.

(85) Katie
Sun, 13 July 2014 03:58:06 +0000

Hiya Daniel

I found your writing after I stumbled across your critique of psychotherapy on YouTube. I must say, I find your videos compelling and they have given me much food for thought, as I am currently in therapy myself.

Anyway, I am kinda curious about something. Your essays present a very hard-nosed viewpoint, yet when people comment on them your responses are thoughtful and reflective, if not downright caring! Why the disconnect?

I could offer a couple of ideas but I'd rather hear your reasons. I'm curious!
Thanks for your efforts

(84) just a geek diva
Fri, 4 July 2014 04:18:35 +0000

I'm just a self-help sort learning how to fix my issues. Just watched your video on youtube on critique of the profession. Very clear, very passionate, and very enlightening. Especially the bit on ageism and DSM diagnosis. I'm glad I trusted my instinct about psychotherapists and continue to be cautious and picky. Thanks for your honesty and generosity. Power to you.

(83) Chris Ferguson
Tue, 1 July 2014 00:35:47 +0000

Came here through your YouTube channel and initially found you by typing in the the word, "Therapy", into the YouTube search engine.

Very helpful website.

(82) Ralph Bollweg
Thu, 5 June 2014 06:56:13 +0000

Very thought provoking films on schizophrenia. Have you ever thought of doing one on anxiety disorders? Freud couldn't solve the problem; CBT is even more of a psuedo science and it is accepted as the most prescribed method of treatment in the U.S. (sometimes the only prescribed method besides medications).

(81) irma
Tue, 3 June 2014 03:20:33 +0000

Hi Daniel
im irma from Indonesia, im a student in psychology field.
i have read some of ur essay, and thanks so much for ur writing, u are great!
i wish i can see u oneday.. :)