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  1. Hi Daniel. I found your work tonight and felt really drawn to it for some big reasons: I suffered extreme childhood abuses and have been in treatment most of my life. In fact I am no longer on speaking terms with my “family”. It’s scary and liberating at the same time.
    I am also a therapist in private practice in NYC. I am relatively new at it and really really enjoy the work.

    So far I am mostly intrigued and curious about your work. But some aspects of your work trouble me but that’s okay.

    I think your stated objective of achieving enlightenment and being trauma free without the unconscious may be the reason for my disagreement.

    But that’s for another day. For now I will absorb what I think is helpful to me personally and for my clients whom I love.

    Thank you.

    • greetings!! and thanks for sharing!!!! always room for disagreement!!! as time goes by i may have more and more disagreements with what i wrote too!! all the best (from macapa, brazil, where i presently am couchsurfing…) daniel

  2. Hi Daniel, what an interesting experience to come across your videos on YouTube. I am a trained family therapist and now a teacher and clinical supervisor in a master’s program. I sent a few links of your videos to the interns in my group and invited them to learn about your ideas. I totally agree with your views about the dysfunctional relationships between clients and their therapists. That’s what I have been teaching in our program. We need to completely change this in order for therapy to be useful and nurturing to our clients. The part we are different is about the breaking away from your parents. I thought A LOT about this for the past day and just finished watching your interview with Steven Summerstone. I got to understand more about where you are coming from and agree with many of your analysis about parent-child relationship. I used to run parenting groups, working with parenting issues and now a parent myself, I could totally see how the absolute power parents have when kids are dependent on them can be misused big time. But I wouldn’t suggest my clients to cut off from their parents completely. However, distance is needed for clients to work out their issues before they feel stronger to face their parents. Please email me if you have time to exchange more ideas about psychotherapy and parent-child relationship. I actually just finished a intensive research on intergenerational relationship (adult children and their parents). Thanks.

    • thanks for the thoughts, SW — alas, i’m hardly on the web at all these days. i’m taking an internet break!!! it’s cool that you’re sharing my video(s) — i hope they prove to be of value. all the best to you! daniel

  3. I watched your whole film. What a strong message you have put together! Thanks for your effort toward providing truth to the general public about the web of lies of the psycho-pharma mafia. They don’t have any actual science but are the root cause of the worst cancerous decay in society. You should ally with CCHR (Citizens Commission on Human Rights) whose mission is to expose psychiatric atrocities and also provide the truth just like you. They are the strongest such group I have ever seen and you could worse than coordinate efforts with them. My very best to you for your guts and work.

  4. Hi Dan,

    When I click on the “Donate” button on the homepage, a PayPal error document shows up:
    “PayPal cannot process this transaction because of a problem with the seller’s website. Please contact the seller directly to resolve this problem.”


    • oh golly — i don’t know what’s up with that????? maybe try again?? i actually am going out of town tomorrow for several days, and i’ll probably be entirely off the internet. but i’ll try to see if i can figure it out. sending you warm greetings!! and THANK YOU.

  5. I’m interested in the possibility of sharing a unique story about the history of mental health and the effects it has on today’s treatment
    I also have historical documents to back up statements!
    How do I get involved ?

    • sounds interesting Kimberly. I would suggest writing up your story first and then trying to find the right place to share it. I might have some ideas for you.
      wishing you the best,

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