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Alan Alan from Madison wrote on January 27, 2019 at 8:55 pm:
Finishing "Breaking from your Parents" book right now. Great peace and resonance to be reading this. I broke with family August 2018. Has been liberating and frightening and many things. I am finishing a MA program for Social Work. When I started the degree I was in a very different place. So much has shifted since then I have found it hard and often meaningless to continue the degree. Yet, it is last semester so...onward, I guess. Every bit of my life was infested by the emotional incest and cult like drug trance I was conditioned into since my early childhood (me as the drug of choice for family to base their sense of self-hood and validation) that separating from that has opened up a major void. The old identity is gone, or on its death bed. This MA degree, too--nearly $20,000 into it and 2 years of commitment--seems based on my needing to rescue others and sacrifice my needs for others. I feel deep commitment to heal and to spiritually seek. I can't continue to live this way; 32 years as a kind of undead blood-supply for the world. I feel close to breakdown/breakthrough but must stay dissociated and distracted until the degree is over. What comes next? Ayahuasca ceremony seems right. Live in a spiritual community where I can collapse and let the rebirth of ego death move through me. I want to face this fear, these wounds, this trauma embedded in me, this pain in my intestines; this world-weariness; this numbness. Any thoughts? Thank you for the book and your courage.