I have released five albums of music:  one in 2024 and four in 2009.  You can click on the album covers below to view them and listen to the music.  All of the songs are on free on Youtube in one place or another, though for some of the albums you might have to search for the songs a bit.  You can also purchase the songs through links on the album pages.  Also, here’s also a bit more about my history and philosophy as a musician. Here also are two links to music videos I made and put up on Youtube: general music videos and anti-psychiatry music videos.  Enjoy!

Cover art by Rebekah Shaw

10 thoughts on “Music

  1. It would be fantastic for up and coming psychotherapist’s to have you be a part of their journey of formal learning.
    Your experience and knack for weaving anecdotes with clinical concepts, would be a marvelous aid for the next generation of healers. Do you think formal teaching might be a part of the way forward?

    • Hi Andrew,
      Ah — well, I don’t think formal teaching is for me. I once tried to get a job as an adjust professor at the master’s program from which I graduated, but they never replied to me. I think I was too radical. At this point, I think I just prefer to offer what I can through forums such as this… Daniel

  2. I just posted on your book page about the work of British clinical psychologist, David Smail. But I wanted to post a couple of music videos here!
    This one, Tall Buildings, by John Hartford, was made during lockdown, with me and my friend, Martin, in our own houses in Ludlow, and my son, George, in lockdown in Spain:
    And this one, You Can’t Stop the Waves, is one of my songs on my album, Far Water. I wrote it about my dad, not long after my mum had died:

  3. I am 18 years old i just wanna help the people i thought but helping people en making money off is a litle bit sad i think cause end of the day you have to pay your bills how much you care about people, so now iam starting with music not yet but i goin to to make money en invest t in the people that need it not saying poor or rich
    people because everbody have the right to get the best help by people like you. so if i make it i am triynna reach en get in contact with you. just beacause where you stand for.

    sorry for my bad spel iam dutch and i am now gonna educta myself in the typing and speaking needs paitens . o ye people if you read this

    without a healty relationship dont start anything with nobody but yourself.

    • Hallo Tamir,

      Geweldig wat je doet hoor. Je hebt geen Nederlandse naam. Ben je uit immigranten geboren ? Nooit jezelf opgeven hoor! Sterkte, Ingrid

  4. Hi Daniel,
    I just watched your six reasons for quitting the psychotherapist profession. Great Truths! I was originally a working musician for a few decades in NYC and due to societal changes and financial need I had to find a new profession. Have been an LMSW for one year and am desperately working on my “C” hours towards the LCSW in NYC. Coming from a relative outsider with a lot of life experience, I have already concluded so much of what you say you quit for. Now I regret all the work, time and money (student loans). I feel like the MSW programs “sell” their programs and leave out or are in denial about the true nature of the broken systems, broken profession, broken society and all the other things you point out. I really enjoy the actual work of helping people though.

    • Oh, please keep helping people. An MSW saved my life. Not all of us can heal just by figuring things out on our own, or with YouTube videos. It’s truly important work. Daniel’s opinion comes from his own journey. Have your own. There’s no right or wrong way.

  5. Hi Daniel, I just watched one of your
    videos. Thanks for being a caring and compassionate person. You seem to have a real moral and ethical conscience.
    Kind Regards, Teresa

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