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16 thoughts on “Donate

  1. I will donate my prayers to you! I am poor right now, but I am in school, so it is to be expected. You’re a remarkable person and I love nearly everything of what you have to say. I pray that you find even more answers you are seeking! I pray you find a deep sense of peace, despite the bitter and insane truths in this world. *prayers* *prayers* * prayers* To heal every trauma. To understand pain and be able to forgive it. To have courage to face every scary thing. To have sight clear, and soul brave! Let it be!

  2. Hello Daniel ,

    Are mental problems like bipolar , schizophrenia genetics ?? Why do people say it’s genetics and all the stuff related to mental problems are always related to genetics ?? I have seen many people in my community suffering from mental problems with no family history of mental problems.. please do answer daniel

    Thank you

      • Is hertibility a valid concept ?? twin studies hertibility was claimed in almost all mental problems in my university psychology 101 course (elective course) as evidence for genetic ?? What do these correlations mean ?? I follow jay joseph on Twitter . But I was not able to understand his arguments as the defenders of twin studies makes counters . So I’m very confused on what twin studies say ??

        From my personal experience I had suffered from depression and anxiety, but none of the medications seem to help me. I stopped them. And during course of time I recovered from depression and anxiety issues. But I think those doctor are a bunch of fools. I believe none of these mental problems are caused by genes and biology related stuff .

        I think they are caused by oppression, loneliness, social constructs and things like that which are not related to genes . If possible can u make a video related to twin studies exclusively

        Thanks Daniel, you are my hero .

        • Basically the twin studies cannot prove heritability because there are so many others possible reasons why twins show similar rates of psychological problems. And the twin studies that SAY the twins were raised apart really often use twins that were only partially raised apart, or raised apart but in very similar environments. There are so many obvious things that can cause psychological problems — like you said,
          “oppression, loneliness, social constructs” — and of course trauma — that I personally think it is unlikely that genetics cause very many psychological problems. And science certainly has not proven genetic causes. Many psychology teachers, however, teach this, because they just believe what they are told and they don’t think very much for themselves. Nor do they really analyze the actual data very well. Wishing you the best, Daniel

          • Can you please make a video on this topic , please it is the core of modern medicine companies bullshit ?? Please daniel make a video on these twin studies bullshit , please Please….

  3. Hi Daniel, I hope all is well.
    I’m working on translating some of your videos that I like to Arabic, and post some clips on social media for more enlightenment! Is it ok to do that?

    Thank you <3

    • Hi Husam,
      Sounds great!
      Meanwhile, three of my films and schizophrenia are already translated into Arabic: Meanwhile, three of my films and schizophrenia are already translated into Arabic:

      But I don’t think anything else of mine is translated into Arabic. Please let me know if you do translate anything, I would be curious!
      Warm greetings, Daniel

  4. how do i buy these videos ? broken wings , open dialog , swedish healing homes .. i have some out in free book libraries.

    • Hi John,
      Well, it’s possible to buy the DVDs, especially if you’re in America, and I could have them sent to you. I have a few copies of each DVD left. Normally I charge $30 per DVD, for addresses in America. If you paid that to my Paypal address and told me exactly what you wanted and where to send them in the USA i’d mail them to you. However, they are free on the internet: so that makes it a lot easier!! all the best, Daniel

  5. I’ve been feeling guilty for a long time now watching and learning from your videos but not contributing to them. So tonight I thought I’d see if your website allowed for that, and it does! So in the morning, I’ll go downstairs and get my credit card and say thanks with some financial support for what you are doing. I go to sleep watching your videos most nights and often view some repeatedly, gaining different perceptions each time. I’ve learned a lot from them and incorporated those insights into my daily life. I know you feel you are making an impact. But I’m not sure you realize the extent of it. You are actually transforming peoples’ lives. I’m glad you found something so valuable to utilize your talents, and grateful that I am one of the beneficiaries.

  6. Hey Daniel,

    Just leaving a thank you note to accompany my donation. I really appreciate all the work you’ve put into your Youtube. I’ve spent years trying to understand truth & improve myself. I’ve read hundreds of books and have really just been on a wild journey trying to understand how to be a better person. Of all these resources I’ve gone through your videos have easily been among the best. It’s probably just cheesy over inflation, but in my mind you’re head and shoulders above other big names in psychology like CJ Jung. I donate hoping that you’re doing well and moving forward with your own process. I thank you deep down dude. You’re truly making the world a better place. I’m gonna do my best to use the insight you’ve given me to do the same.


    • Dear Allen — thank you!!! very kind of you. and much appreciated. i have just recorded some more youtube videos and will become looking them over to see what i might share publicly. a scary process — but it helps to know, from messages such as yours, that some people find value in them. warm greetings to you——daniel

  7. Hi Dan,

    When I click on the “Donate” button on the homepage, a PayPal error document shows up:
    “PayPal cannot process this transaction because of a problem with the seller’s website. Please contact the seller directly to resolve this problem.”


    • oh golly — i don’t know what’s up with that????? maybe try again?? i actually am going out of town tomorrow for several days, and i’ll probably be entirely off the internet. but i’ll try to see if i can figure it out. sending you warm greetings!! and THANK YOU.

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