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Judith J Bentley Judith J Bentley from RICHMOND VA wrote on February 13, 2019 at 8:32 pm:
Hi, Daniel. Just having found you and watched many of your wonderfully, revealing and insightful vidoes on YouTube has had the positive effect of feeling you would have been a great therapist and delightful person to have known as a friend. I admire your courageous openness in sharing your life's experiences and your thoughtful reflections on their meaning for you, especially childhood trauma which we all have suffered. I admire the rich life you have chosen for yourself--your world travels, learning & speaking other languages, your many friends . I particularly applaud your analysis of Alice Walker. I am 73, retired from the teaching & legal professions. Wanted to be a child advocate. Was told: you won't have any cases Children don't have any rights. Celebate & single since 1980. A life-long learner, writer & poet. 40 yrs of therapy with 4 therapists & 4 psychiatrists. On meds but still depressed (treatment resistant brain). Diagnosed complex PTSD & MDD from child sexual abuse lasting from 2 till age 16 when I threatened to run away from home of pedophile/ sociopath father-a Methodist minister in VA now deceased, and narc mother who molested my brother, both deceased. Divorced from parents & estranged narc sister.still living, I was a musician too--piano, organ, flute, piccolo, guitar. In teen years banged out Shostokovitch & Rachmaniff on my antique Steinway ivories to deal with my anger. No longer play. B.A. & M.A. in English &;Speech from UK & GSU. Made it through 2 yrs of law & took bar review. Had to quit to take care of disabled dyslexic daughter as single parent. Though I was accepted in 1974 as a contributing poet .to the Breadloaf Writer's Conference in Middlebury, VT, had never published or given readings. Your videos gave me the courage to give my first reading at a small gathering of poets last night 2.12.2019. 2 poems allowed for each of 10 poets. Here are some lines from one I read titled: "B" IS FOR THE BLUES. This is no balderdash. This is no baloney. This is as bare as a beggar. I was born in Babylon, A beast of burden. I was bastardized from birth Without a bill of rights. They said they were my benefactors. They said they were benevolent. But they badgered and bantered me. They made me kiss the Blarney stone and baptized me into the blues. Now I am binary. Now I am bittersweet. **************** Thank you for inspiring me! My new hobby: studying astronomy & astrophysics.