I’ve been a musician since I was a kid.  I’ve always loved to sing, and as a boy I played the French horn and piano and harmonica.  Although I liked classical music, my real love was folk music.  Something about its realness and straightforwardness and passion spoke to me.  When I was twenty (on my 20th birthday, in fact!) I took up guitar and started playing—and haven’t stopped.

Daniel, age 11, 1983.

Daniel, age 11, 1983.

Before I became a therapist I worked for a few years in New York City as a children’s musician.  I played at festivals, birthday parties, in schools, at libraries, at arts centers, and at museums.  For a while I was even a DJ of a children’s show on a pirate radio station (Steal This Radio, 88.7 FM) in Manhattan’s East Village.  I’ve also played as a street musician in countries all around the world—on my travels.

I wrote the songs in my albums (on the right) over a period of many years.  Many I wrote in the 1990s.  They are about introspection, breaking from the family system, emotional growth, confusion, passion, truth, the inner journey, becoming one’s own person, the horror we’re perpetrating on our planet, childhood, and healing from childhood trauma.  And my final album, Songs from the Locked Ward, is entirely about the psychiatric system.

Here also are two links to music videos I made and put up on Youtube:  general music videos & anti-psychiatry music videos.  Enjoy!

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  1. Hi Daniel, I just watched one of your
    videos. Thanks for being a caring and compassionate person. You seem to have a real moral and ethical conscience.
    Kind Regards, Teresa

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