I’ve been a musician since I was a kid.  I’ve always loved to sing, and as a boy I played the French horn and piano and harmonica.  Although I liked classical music, my real love was folk music.  Something about its realness and straightforwardness and passion spoke to me.  When I was twenty (on my 20th birthday, in fact!) I took up guitar and started playing, with gusto.  The first song I learned was “Country Roads,” which, amazingly, when I was 23, I got the opportunity to play for the man who made it famous — John Denver.  It was at an open mic in Wyoming — and he sang along!  Totally fun.  (He died two years later.)

Daniel, age 11, 1983.

Daniel, age 11, 1983.

Before I became a therapist I worked for a few years in New York City as a children’s musician.  I played at festivals, birthday parties, in schools, at libraries, at arts centers, and at museums.  For a while I was even a DJ of a children’s show on a pirate radio station (Steal This Radio, 88.7 FM) in Manhattan’s East Village.  That was a blast!  I have a special love for children’s music, especially lullabies.  Somehow lullabies just speak to me.  My little inner child just loves them.  I love to hear them — from singers who are gentle and really sincere — and to sing them as well.

I wrote these songs in the albums that I share here over a period of many years.  Many I wrote in the 1990s.  They are about introspection, breaking from the family system, emotional growth, confusion, passion, truth, the inner journey, becoming one’s own person, the horror we’re perpetrating on our planet, childhood, and healing from childhood trauma.  And my final album, Songs from the Locked Ward, is entirely about the psychiatric system.  (More specifically, it’s utterly critical, in good folk music tradition, of that system.)  But for two songs, I wrote all the songs for that album in a single wild week in New York City in 2009.  Oddly, this album has proven to be my most popular.  I even made music videos of a couple of the songs, and they’ve done pretty well on Youtube — inspiring some and really pissing off some others.  As a child I never inspired to be a folksinger of this type, but what the heck — life really has the opportunity to throw us some surprises!

So, here are my four albums, or at least the four I’ve recorded thus far.  Click on them to see their individual pages.  And enjoy!