Essays on my basic point of view

I have written these short essays over the years to share a clear, simple idea of where I’m coming from and why I write and live the way that I do.

One thought on “Essays on my basic point of view

  1. Hi Daniel! I emailed you a while ago about therapy issues. I’ve decided to hang in with my therapist. I just found out my liver is end stage and I need that support.
    I’ll continue reading and watching your videos as they have opened my eyes to where I know what I need and want from therapy.
    I thought being cured from Hep C four years ago was a done deal. Truth is it destroyed my liver over 25 years.
    It has given me an urgency to find peace like never before. Isn’t it strange that it would take a terminal disease to realize how precious time is.
    I’m very grateful to have found your website.
    It brings me comfort. Please keep inspiring other folks as you have done me.
    In gratitude…
    Diane Conklin

    • Diane,
      wow — that’s intense. life sure throws some real curve balls…… thank you for your message, and i’m wishing you STRENGTH AND VISION on your journey forward. i sense your journey is an inspired one. gratitude back to you, daniel

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