Songs from the Locked Ward

Songs from the Locked Ward, released October, 2009, is an album of protest music against the horrors and abuses of psychiatry. My inspiration for these 19 songs comes from ten years of work as a therapist in New York City—listening to clients tell their tales.  Although not everyone gets ravaged by psychiatry, so many do…  I wrote all but two of these songs in a wild week of passion!


All songs written and performed by Daniel Mackler

Length:  56:03
Cover art by Rebekah Shaw.


Also, below are two music videos of songs from this album.  Check them out!  And if you want to see them on a bigger screen you can visit them at Youtube — here and here.  (And you’ll probably recognize the melody from Little Bottles — it’s from Malvina Reynolds’  Little Boxes.)


If you wish to hear free snippets of all the songs, or to buy the album via downloading, click here. (It is cheaper to purchase the CD from directly – below – because I include shipping in the price.) Also, to see two YouTube music videos of songs from this album, click here.