From Trauma to Enlightenment: Self-Therapy in Twelve Steps

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My colleague Frederick Timm and I wrote and self-published (April, 2009) a 44-page booklet on doing self-therapy.  Its philosophy is condensed and distilled into twelve sequential steps.  Each step has its own chapter, followed by a series of step-specific tools and questions for enhancing your self-therapy experience. Also included are ten general tools for doing self-therapy and a list of 30 self-therapy slogans—and an explication of each.

Happy inner traveling!

There are two ways to purchase this book.  The easier and less expensive allows you to have it immediately, via a downloadable PDF (with Paypal), for $4.99.

The second (and more expensive way) is to order a hard-copy, with Paypal, by clicking here.  The cost is:  $11 + $4 shipping & handling ($11 + $10 s+h outside of USA).

3 thoughts on “From Trauma to Enlightenment: Self-Therapy in Twelve Steps

  1. Dear Daniel,
    Reading “From Trauma to Enlightenment” was life- changing for me. The steps have questions that encourage self-reflection, and offer a template I could make my own. It began a journey of inner healing that’s been difficult, yet freeing.
    I think I’m finding my true self.
    Thank you for caring enough to write something so wonderful.

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