Why Live If We’re All Only Going To Die Anyway?

[Written around 2004.]

Life is our one grand chance to contribute this world. This is our one chance to bring peace to our existences and to that of others. This is our one chance to find out the truth, and to manifest it. This is our one chance to find enlightenment and to shine at our brightest. This is our one chance to find out what it really means to live.

So many waste this chance. They disappear down the alleyways of death years before their bodies lose their heat. They cloud their minds along the same lines they were taught as children, and they recreate their ancient and forgotten traumas with all whom they come into contact. They break the psychic spines of their children, just as their own were broken.

But as long as they still breathe, and anyone still breathes, there remains hope. It is never too late to get honest. It is never to late to change your course. There is no crime too great for honest repentance, no buried trauma too great for full healing. Murderers can find heaven here on earth, and come to know and love their souls. Rapists can discover their deepest psychic truth and discover what in their history led them – that is, compelled them – to do such inhuman deeds.

We all will die. We all will leave this earth. The greatest question, however, and the one that most strongly beckons us to heal, is what shall we leave as our legacy?

8 thoughts on “Why Live If We’re All Only Going To Die Anyway?

    • good question….. i guess it’s to grow, heal, evolve, and be useful to others…….. that’s my take on life….. all the best, daniel

  1. Hi luis sorry to hear about the trauma you I’m know expert about why life is so messed up. I have been through dental trauma and being in pain ever since I stepped into a dental office to fix my over bite that everyone kept teasing me about but was not warned of the dangers of dental work. It was a night for me after getting them off. I got real depressed and dentists kept blamimg me for everything. I never had a cavity before getting them on. My life became a big joke I cry and ask why wtf is this happening to me and others who want to live normal lives and be away from toxic people I have realised it’s not our fault thats why I just keep on living. I guess we are to expose the corruption of the world and see what plays out. But at least I’m no violent person I speak my mind and love peace. At least you are alive. I’m not giving up on life yet neither should you we are still here so lets change things.

  2. So where do we go to learn how to find out our truth and manifest it? How do we learn what you’re talking about?
    Because when you judge people that “waste” their lives—as you call it—you judge people that would gladly live better if they knew how. They’re doing the best they know how. But that’s obviously not good enough for Grand & High Mighty You!
    I’m doing the best I can, but it probably isn’t “manifesting my truth” because I don’t know what the hell you’re talking about.
    Fuck You.

    • i’m not sure i’m as critical as you make me out to be. at least i hope not. also, i’ve written a fair amount about self-therapy on my website — to assist people in “finding out about truth and manifesting it.”

  3. I just dont get it am 17 & i have got shot last december 3 times twice in my face and once in my back all because i didnt have more than 6$ , i dont understand life why live if we gonna die anyway ? We live and aint anything free ? Lifes really a handful for no reason ? I really want to know what comes after your mind goes Black !

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