brief biography of Grace Jackson, MD

Dr. Grace Jackson is a board certified psychiatrist who graduated summa cum laude from California Lutheran University with a Bachelor of Arts in political science and a Bachelor of Science in biology, as well as a Master’s Degree in Public Administration.  She earned her Medical Degree from the University of Colorado Health Sciences Center in 1996 and completed her internship and residency while in the U.S. Navy.

Since transitioning out of the military in the spring of 2002, Dr. Jackson has extensively researched the toxicity of psychiatric medications.  She has lectured widely in the United States and Europe in an effort to educate others about the limitations and dangers of these drugs.  She has applied her knowledge in clinical settings as a contract psychiatrist for the N.C. Department of Corrections and the Veterans Administration.

Dr. Jackson has served as a consultant and expert witness for the Law Project for Psychiatric Rights (a non-profit organization based in Anchorage, Alaska) and as a member of the Board of Directors for the International Center for the Study of Psychology and Psychiatry, now know as ISEPP.

An author of several peer reviewed articles and chapters, her first book (Rethinking Psychiatric Drugs: A Guide for Informed Consent) exposes the current crises in medical ethics, and underscores the urgent need to protect the rights of consumers and clinicians who wish to participate in drug-free care.