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  1. I consider you a valuable resource and a wonderful friend, even though I have only watched one video on Youtube! You have validated all the hard work I do to care for myself and provide a safe and healthy environment so I can love and heal myself.

  2. The youtube of ” Coming off the Pshyc Drug: A meeting of the Mind is inspirational. My child is trying to get off the phsyc drug, but don’t know how to find support.

    We leave in Maryland.
    Is there any retreat similar to this near us?

    • Hi Maria, where in Maryland do you live? I am near Salisbury, MD and I am very interested in coming off all psychiatric meds.I have been very slowly decreasing the dosage/strength of each. I am completely off 3 meds and currently only on 3; 1, on a very small dose, the other 2, still slooooowwwly decreasing. I have been weening off for 5 years, so as to avoid negative side effects.
      Warm regards,

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