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  1. Hi Daniel, i can not somehow get to the people from Health Foundation in Sweden to ask them if i can come! Can u help me about it….thank u!


    • hi silva, i haven’t been in touch with them for a while so i don’t have much better info than you. did you email them at the email on their contact page? http://www.familjevardsstiftelsen.se/contact/

      also, when i was there they worked almost exclusively with people who were swedish citizens or residents. perhaps they worked with someone who had insurance from a nearby european country who had insurance that paid for their services. but i think that was rare. so i think it’s likely doubtful they could work with someone from croatia, but i am not sure and can’t speak for them. i would just email again — or call them on the number they have on their contact page…. that’s my best guess! all the best, daniel

  2. Impressive, very good and respectful way to approach the patients. I’m sure that you give the best treatment to your patients in the world. I’m only sorry to say that Croatia is long far away from this approach. But I am happy to see that there are places in the world where the things go better. ☺☺

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