Four Documentaries with English subtitles/closed captions

My four documentaries with English subtitles — for people who are hearing impaired or just like English subtitles!

2 thoughts on “Four Documentaries with English subtitles/closed captions

  1. Hi, if you ever stop using YT for your videos then let me know and I’ll check the media (I’m not clicking YT links)… trying to keep / practice being pumping into big companies… or more to the point looking for and making the solutions. If you need more neutral web space, I off you it, and end the expectation they do more good than bad, even if it’s ‘free’ and your didn’t read your ‘terms and conditions’ pages, right? 😉

    • Good comment! We have to stop supporting Youtube, google, facebook, microsoft, apple, etc., if we truly want to create a better future. we must use the alternatives to contribute to solutions instead of continuing to support the dystopian vision of the corporate cartel.

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