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  1. Hi Daniel,

    I watched Take these Broken Wings and Healing Homes a few years back. They gave me hope for the future , in a very positive way.
    On the face of it, it seems a shame that the concepts explored in your films haven’t taken a firm hold.
    Having said that, any potentially paradigm shifting phenomena is not going to happen overnight ( and unfortunately where we are ,cash is king!)
    On a more positive note, there is the chance that with a little luck (and hard work, commitment intent etc), I firmly believe that this has a chance of working and working really well. More explicitly, we need more healers ( ‘shaman’ for want of a better word) in order to have the best chance as a species. Just my opinion but we have to start somewhere!
    I found a couple of links here in the UK that might be of interest to you? You may already be in contact with these organisations, but if not, hope they are of some use .



    Any feedback, advice etc positive (or negative) would be very welcome.

    Very best regards,


  2. Hello,

    Thank you for your work. Are there any such places as depicted in your films in the US? If so I would like to go. Please share any info you have when you are able. Thanks again,


    • Unfortunately there is nothing that I know of that are like these programs. There are some programs that are based on somewhat similar principles (like Windhorse in Colorado and in Massachusetts and California) but they cost somewhere around $15,000 per month, or more… I know there are also some Open Dialogue start-up programs, but I don’t think that I feel comfortable about what I’ve heard about them to recommend them yet. Wishing you the best! Daniel

  3. Hi Daniel, I am new to all this and am intrigued-I was taught the ‘normal’ paradigm of treating patients with Schizophrenia (Start drugs immediately to slow down brain damage, then continue with CBT and rehabilitation, +/- occupational therapy). I hope to watch all the free videos. Would like to know if research papers exist for these methods and which ones would you recommend, as well as any studies or metaanalyses done with a ‘good’ number of subjects. Please do share. Thank you for the videos.

    • Hi TJ,
      greetings — and I hope you watch the films. Aside from Healing Homes (which is more anecdotal), the films all refer to specific scientific papers and other resources that back up the points they make. Many or most of these resources are available on the web, with a little bit of googling and hunting! all the best, Daniel

  4. Hi Daniel.
    Heartfelt thanks to you for your courageous sharing in your YouTube videos.
    I am astounded to find you. Your openness is a burst of oxygen.
    I have been journalling for 27 years as an outlet for emotional pain and mental turmoil.
    A life saver for me that I found for myself. I am always not far from pen and paper.
    I have been researching for all these years better ways to be well and what a journey.
    I especially love your video on Unconditional Love. I feel sad your father couldn’t comfort you and hear you defensesly. I know this pain too. I see my frightened parents, scared and fearful of punishment and withdrawal of the love they have hung onto.
    I have been able to listen to my adult childrens pain, which I am so grateful for and it also hurt terribly. I can see them able to sit with their own and each other’s pain now and we have a deepening loving relationship, worked on consciously their whole lives.
    I am a newly qualified therapeutic arts counsellor and have experienced the mental health care system here in Australia for many years. My father had a psychotic episode and severe depression when I was a child and poor care impacted our whole family. I am still finding wellness.
    I am watching the Open Dialogue video now and stopped to make sure I let you know how I value your wonderful presence in our world.
    Please keep going with your ground breaking work. We need you. 🙂
    I found great recovery using Byron Katies The Work. I have studied it for 4 years and am certifying in it in January.
    It gave me a way to question all the conditioned thinking I have.
    It continues to be a hugely powerful tool for acknowledging my experience and then questioning what I believed about it. My process working this daily, sometimes for hours and hours, enabled me to see how these beliefs have controlled my functioning, through how I have made meaning about who I am and those in the world around me.
    I wish you deepening unconditional love Daniel. I found it is in me, under all the fear and hate, and when that was acknowledged and questioned Love surfaced.
    Xx Marilyn

  5. I consider you a valuable resource and a wonderful friend, even though I have only watched one video on Youtube! You have validated all the hard work I do to care for myself and provide a safe and healthy environment so I can love and heal myself.

  6. The youtube of ” Coming off the Pshyc Drug: A meeting of the Mind is inspirational. My child is trying to get off the phsyc drug, but don’t know how to find support.

    We leave in Maryland.
    Is there any retreat similar to this near us?

    • Hi Maria, where in Maryland do you live? I am near Salisbury, MD and I am very interested in coming off all psychiatric meds.I have been very slowly decreasing the dosage/strength of each. I am completely off 3 meds and currently only on 3; 1, on a very small dose, the other 2, still slooooowwwly decreasing. I have been weening off for 5 years, so as to avoid negative side effects.
      Warm regards,

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