List of interviews of Daniel Mackler

Choice Conversations. 72-minute audio-only interview by Chris Stefanick, on subjects of trauma, healing, celibacy, minimalism, world travel. [March, 2015.]

Croatian Television Show, “On the Edge on Science.” 50-minute video interview in English and Croatian (with Croatian subtitles), titled: Na rubu znanosti – Daniel Mackler i drugi pogled na psihoterapiju. [Aired January, 2015, filmed, November 2014.]

HRT1—Croatian National TV. Page of Croatian writing and 4-minute nationally televised video segment mostly in English. [October, 2014.]

Slobodna Dalmacija. In Croatian, written interview in Croatian newspaper “Free Dalmatia”. Daniel Mackler: Traume iz djetinjstva vode u rasizam, seksizam i homofobiju [Daniel Mackler: Childhood traumas leads to racism, sexism and homophobia.] Another version of same article appears here. [October, 2014.] 76-minute video interview by Darius Cikanavičius on friendship, romantic relationships, sex, boundaries, and parent-child relationships. [March, 2014.]

The Voluntary Life 60-minute audio interview by Jake Desyllas on my book “Breaking From Your Parents.” [February, 2014.] Written interview by Hannah Braime on my book “Breaking from Your Parents.” [February, 2014.]

Australian Broadcasting Corporation (radio), Alice Springs, Northern Territory. On Alternatives for Psychosis, 6 minutes, audio only. [October, 2013.]

The Gainesville Sun. Interviewed in newspaper article: “Successful Finnish mental health system is focus of four-day series.” [September, 2013.] 57-minute video interview by Darius Cikanavičius on the topics of the value of self-work, the significance of childhood environment, the nature of child abuse, nature vs. nurture, the harm of psych drugs, and factors and tools for healing. [August, 2013.]

Open Paradigm Project. 8-minute video interview by Kermit Cole, titled, “Moving Beyond Psychiatric Labels.” In English, optional subtitle in Spanish. [May, 2013.]

Freedomain Radio Sunday Show. Two-hour call-in show on Family, Responsibility and History: Daniel Mackler guest visitor, audio only. [February, 2013.]

The Voluntary Life ( 61-minute audio-only interview by Jake Desyllas on psychological freedom and healing from past psychological traumas. [September, 2012.]

Psychology Book Club. Guest discussant on 60-minute podcast about Alice Miller’s book “The Truth Will Set You Free.” [February, 2012.]

Whatever Whatever, Amen. Audio interview by Amy Childs on celibacy, dating, sex, relationships, 26 minutes. [February, 2012.]

PoetDox Film. 30-minute video interview in English by Paul Englar, titled: Daniel Mackler—On Healing Psychosis. Filmed in Copenhagen, Denmark. [April, 2011.]

Whatever Whatever, Amen. Audio interview by Amy Childs about Daniel’s basic point of view, including discussion/argument, 55 minutes. [July, 2011.]

Whatever Whatever, Amen. Audio interview by Amy Childs on Daniel’s view of the purpose of life, 61 minutes. [July, 2011.]

Whatever Whatever, Amen. Audio interview by Amy Childs on Alice Miller and parenting, psychological torture by parents, consciousness, and more… 31 minutes. [April, 2011.]

Whatever Whatever, Amen. Audio interview by Amy Childs on parents and cults, and about people (and parents) speeding up their path to enlightenment. 31 minutes. [April, 2011.]

Whatever Whatever, Amen. Audio interview by Amy Childs on child abuse and spoiling. 32 minutes. [April, 2011.]

Whatever Whatever, Amen. Audio interview by Amy Childs on Friendship, Boundaries and Intimacy. 31 minutes. [April, 2011.]

Whatever Whatever, Amen. Audio interview by Amy Childs on on Self-Reflection and Honesty. 32 minutes. [March, 2011.]

Whatever Whatever, Amen. Audio interview by Amy Childs on parenting and all sorts of other things. 30 minutes. [September, 2010.]

The International Society for Ethical Psychology and Psychiatry (ISEPP) Written interview by Maria Mangicaro, titled: Interview with Dan Mackler on Healing Homes: An Alternative, Swedish Model for Healing Psychosis. [April, 2011.]

Video self-interview by director Daniel Mackler about film “Open Dialogue.” 14 minutes. [January, 2011.]

Madness Radio with Will Hall. 50-minute audio podcast: Therapy for Psychosis: Daniel Mackler. [December, 2010.]

Video self-interview by director Daniel Mackler about film “Healing Homes.” 16 minutes. [December, 2010.]

Pohjolan Sanomat (Finnish daily newspaper). Titled: Keroputaan mallisti saksitaan dokumentti (on my making a documentary of the Finnish Open Dialogue Project in Western Lapland). In Finnish only. Link to newspaper cover and article. [June, 2010.]

Video self-interview by director Daniel Mackler about film “Take These Broken Wings.” 15 minutes. [March, 2008.]

Two other published writings by me:

Short piece in New York Times, Metropolitan Diary Section. (Halfway down page.) [July, 2009.]

“Una nueva perspectiva para recuperarse de la psicosis” (see page 33), by Daniel Mackler in “Mujeres y Salud.” (Translated from into Spanish by Teresa Abad and Sara Toledano.) Click here for my original English version. [Summer, 2014.]

11 thoughts on “List of interviews of Daniel Mackler

  1. I don’t understand why many researchers sre spending billions and billions of dollars in searching genes when it is the unresolved trauma or any other complications of emotional issues is causing the problem???

    I only found twin or adoption studies as their evidence for searching genes ?? Maybe these are flawed studies . I still don’t understand why they are not accepting its not genetic as they have not found any genes after searching them for 50 years ???

    And mostly many academic institutions teach the same its in genes to the students ……

        • in the description box below the video are links to lots of free articles he has written that go into much more detail. and he has excellent books on the subject also. from what I’ve seen, no one does a better job on this subject than Jay Joseph. -Daniel

          • Thanks , but If possible can you take his interview on some detail about the twin studies, so that it will be more easily accessible… I know the gene .. chemical imbalance theory is a myth … but due to the overwhelming majority of people still believing it and saying in future the chemical imbalances will be found is confusing me

  2. I liked, “ Written interview by Hannah Braime on my book “Breaking from Your Parents.” [February, 2014.” a lot. It took me a decades to get over the shame I felt for not seeing my step mother. She died a couple of years ago and the family did not yell me she had died for a week. I think.they knew I would tell the truth at her funeral so they hardly made any effort to invite me and I did not go. When my father died I felt relieved as he was so overbearing.

    These are things not discussed enough.

  3. Hi I watched and enjoyed your video Take These Broken Wings — Healing from Schizophrenia, Cure without Medication. I also watched your other video about the recurring sexual abuse among the first nation people and found that to be quite truthful. Are you aware of current therapists preferably in Virginia who can help someone heal from Schizophrenia? thanks. (Not that this is in your field, but I am looking for a cure for Type 1 diabetes as well… I am also interested in hypnosis as a way to treat or heal from both issues as a long time ago i found a psychology journal of a woman with dissociative identity disorder who had type 1 diabetes in one of her alters, and in another alter her blood sugars were completely normalized!)

  4. Hello Mr. Mackler,

    I’m an undergraduate psychology student at the University of Mcgill in Montreal. I volunteer for a student run radio program that focuses on Global health. I was wondering if you would be open to a 25 minute interview in which you could share your insight on global mental health. Unfortunately, as we are student-run, we would not be able to compensate you for your time.

    Thank you,


  5. Daniel,
    I love your expression, and your truth, however uncomfortable some of that may feel…
    I’ve read some…12 steps of parenting are just fabulous, and so in line which much of my own thought.
    The good enough mother works for some, not for me, but I appreciate that it prevents some from destroying themselves (and therefore the process of infant thriving in early weeks and months) when focusing on breastfeeding for instance.
    I work with mothers who do nothing but criticise themselves and enter a cycle of sorrow, grief and stress, none of which is helpful.
    Of course I agree, many might have considered their ability to parent before taking on the mammoth adventure, but now they are in it, and I need to offer some solace, compassion and support so I can get them to a place of safety where they can take a good, and somewhat more critical look at themselves and how to make change.
    At 41 I am also a mother of a wildly abundant 3.5 year old who suffered two strokes at birth, a situation that has allowed me to engage in even more nurturing of both brain, body and spirit, for all of us. Oh and we are most definitely sticking at one…why would we have another when so much is given to us in her? It should be noted here that C’s prognosis was bleak, and if I were in any way a religious person I might cite miracles!
    I am in training to become a psychotherapist, working from a Person Centred perspective (as of now) and have taken many years of therapy, self and supported, meditation, yoga, creativity (visual and musical), self-awareness and self-care to bring me to study. A huge amount of consideration has been paid to whether I was ready (read capable) of either motherhood or studying, let alone being a therapist.
    As a child of divorced, damaged and damaging parents I have spent many years away from their behaviours and am extremely cautious when any connection is made for both my own self-preservation and my husband and daughter’s.
    I left home more than 20 years ago and have experienced much, drink, drugs, bulimia, New York (I was living there for a year in 2000), South Florida and AA, Glasgow and sobriety (you don’t often hear those words in the same sentence), and now in Brighton on the South Coast of England where I am in the process of setting up an organisation supporting human flourishing with our initial focus on parenting.
    Am I enlightened?
    I’d like to think I am, to a degree, but ever learning, I hope to never stop the exploration, certainly I am thankful to my perseverance, especially when my husband tells me he doesn’t recognise me in my parents… 😛
    There was some resonance for me on the paradox of what your parents gave you, a different aspect for me, but I can’t wonder what I might have been had they not abandoned me and neglected my needs in search of their own, who knows whether I would have been better or worse off…impossible to quantify.
    I would relish the chance to engage with you at some point, and would very happy to be interviewed concerning my childhood traumas and what I understand of them and how they have shaped me.
    I will be following your blog and am interested to read and watch more.
    Say hello to NYC for me…I miss that place.

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