PROTEST PSYCHIATRY – my newest film, free!

I just made a new film, called PROTEST PSYCHIATRY, on the psychiatric survivor-lead protest of the American Psychiatric Association’s annual meeting in New York City.  And I’m thrilled by how it turned out.  For starters, I filmed it on no budget whatsoever, created the entire film in three days, and have uploaded it straight to Youtube, so it’s freeeeeee!

This film, for me, was an experiment.  I have been feeling lost as a filmmaker for the past year or more.  I think the big reason has been the process:  it’s huge and expensive and time-consuming.  Each film has absorbed months, literally months, of my life.  Well, all that changed five days ago.

Five days ago (May 2) I was hit with the inspiration bug:  to make a film a new way.

My goal:  to film the whole thing in a few hours (on May 4), to give myself a couple of days to edit it (on May 5 and 6), to make it short (it’s 13 minutes long), to do no post-production whatsoever (big relief), and then to share it with the world (on May 7).  And….it worked!!  So what excites me as much as having a new film (which I love!) is that I have a new template for filmmaking.  I am now confident that I can easily take my little film studio on the road, as everything I need fits within a little backpack — and make more films.  And I want to expand my subject matter…

And so, here’s the film — PROTEST PSYCHIATRY.  In it, please meet some of the most courageous and inspiring people I know.  They sure inspired me!

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9 thoughts on “PROTEST PSYCHIATRY – my newest film, free!

  1. Great film that you made with Dr. Chesney from community access the psychiatrist I said he doesn’t work for psychiatry he works for people which I love and he was my teacher one of them along with Celia Brown at the empowerment Center in East Mount Vernon. I’m on the recipient affairs committee at own age is Celia Brown works I consider her a really good friend along with Lester Cook and Lauren attorney who’s radio show I just started listening to the other night that I absolutely love. I’m the one at the film festival at St. Francis College that Carla Rabinowitz was running told you to say hi to Daniel. For me as I am also friends with him as well. I love both films coming off of psychotic drugs that I saw at the film festival that I told Carla I wanted to see besides working the film festival both days in the film I just sold with my friends that I just mentioned now. You doing a great job. If you can email me and tell me how to spell Daniel’s last name I tried spelling it I couldn’t spell it right I know you’re Daniel the director but then as the other Daniel in the film coming off psych drugs. What like to get in touch with Daniel Facebook if I can. Thanks. All of us mental health recipients of very lucky to have you on our side.

  2. …and it was great finally meeting you in person, along with many others on the forefront of the psychiatric “resistance” that I’ve admired from afar!

    • great to meet you too, Russell. And you were great in the film! Gentle, articulate, and right to the point!! –Daniel

  3. Thank you, thank you, thank you, Dan…You do great work, and I’m amazed you got this out so quickly!

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