The Briefest Nutshell of My Entire Point of View

[I wrote this essay in July of 2011.]

I create my writing, videos, and music in the context of my broader point of view.  Many of my individual works, however, reflect but one facet of that viewpoint, and when studied out of context risk giving a misleading impression of where I stand.  For that reason I write this essay:  this is the nutshell of my whole point of view.  It encapsulates, in the briefest format possible, the totality of where I stand and what motivates me.

  1. The world is fucked up.
  2. Something needs to change — and fast.
  3. We human beings are the problem.
  4. It is our responsibility as a species to change things.  No one and nothing else is going to rescue us or solve the problem.
  5. There are too many of us on the planet, we use too many resources, and we use many resources dangerously.
  6. We need to have fewer kids — and fast.
  7. The best way to change the course of humanity is for us to grow up, become emotionally mature, use our brains — and fast.  Nothing else is going to solve the problem.
  8. The best way for us to grow up, become mature, and engage our mental potential is to heal our unresolved childhood issues — and fast.  No other idea in the history of the world has remotely as much potential efficacy.
  9. Healing our unresolved childhood issues would accomplish two separate things:  First, it would make us far better and less abusive parents, because when we heal our traumas we don’t pass them on to our children, and second, because of this, any children we had would be far healthier stewards of the earth and better parents too, because they wouldn’t be so traumatized, and thus, by extension, destructive.
  10. The best way for us to heal our unresolved childhood traumas is to do self-therapy — and fast.  The best way to optimize self-therapy is to focus our energies inward by avoiding engaging in projection, thus, to not have kids (the easiest projection objects), to be single, to be celibate, to limit or curtail contact with our parents, and to live healthy lifestyles.  The seeming conundrum here is that those of us who are most likely to heal are the least likely to have kids.  The short-term answer to this is that we who become healthy become parents by proxy to the whole species.  The long-term answer is that once the species as a whole plays catch-up and heals into maturity, then many of the healthiest among us would then want to procreate.
  11. Anyone who denies we are in a major rush to change things has his or her head buried in the sand, and lacks an ability to fathom the destruction we will have wreaked on our planet and on our children’s children in a few short generations’ time.  Conclusion here:  the time to change is now.  If you deny this you are part of the problem.
  12. Despite the rush we are in, healing ourselves is a process that takes time.  It does not happen overnight.  But it need not take many decades or generations, especially if we have allies on the healing path.
  13. Attempting this plan requires major sacrifice — personal, emotional, social, familial, economic, and relational.  So be prepared for a rough road.  The irony is that we presently have the option of sacrificing; in the future, if we don’t do our homework, these sacrifices will be thrust upon us in far less pleasant ways.
  14. I support experimentation.  If any of my ideas sound too extreme or farfetched, I suggest consciously testing them for yourself.  I have arrived at my point of view through testing — often doing the opposite of what I suggest above.  That is how I gained perspective.  And I continue to test.  The only thing I strongly suggest not testing is having children.  That is one test with irreversible consequences.
  15. I have hope, because I have seen how radically people can change.  I also love humanity.

9 thoughts on “The Briefest Nutshell of My Entire Point of View

  1. Hi Daniel,
    You are right atleast partly about our current system of living. But you lack a clear protocol how to change the system without devastating consequenses. Example:
    If we all stopped having children it would propably result in a system collapse. And that would lead to misery and suffering for many, many people. Mainly ordinary people. This system, which isn’t by no means perfect, has lifted more people from absolute poverty than any other system before.
    What’s your take on that?

  2. Hi ! Wow. I lived like that but i have never heard someone saying or writing what you did write. I am 58 years old now and stil working on my themes. (-: Since 1989. There were a few moments that I did give up and that later I started again. And in 2017 I started again on the level on working every day on myself. And that I allowed my resistance to be there too. But in the last months something happened through meditation. And inner child work on shame; I found out that my whole live and all the work where you are talking about was not about, how to find my way (earn money) or how to be more in peace with myself, but that my live was about my death wish. And that morning i decided to do more with that. It ends up that I am writing a book about it; How did I survive a death wish (without medication ) for 25 years ? I have red a lot of literature since then too and i find that I have something to ad to the discussion in that field. But i write it not for “the experts” but for the people who have to deal with this. It still is a lot of work but it gives me a focus, not by force anymore ( I have to have something to focus on) but by an inner drive, it makes me more and more happy… Daniel, thank you that you are there, it makes me even emotional that I can share this with you, , thank you for reading this !!! I wish you all the best with all the things you do and with you being you (- : ! Engelien (Brummen NL)

  3. Hmm. I had a typical traumatic childhood and have moved mountains to heal, and have changed and grown *tremendously*. But here’s the problem. Now that I think I’m more or less healed enough that I would probably be a decent parent, or at least not pass along the whole heap of family dysfunction, I’m 57 years old and it’s too late. So this brings us to the question, what do we healed-and-healing people *do*, concretely, to help spread the love and healing, if we don’t actually have children? How do we not become basically useless little “islands of sanity” while kids continue to suffer in crazy families? I help my friends who are working on their traumas, as my friends help me with the stuff I continue to sort out, but my friends are mostly also middle-aged single women, so again, all this healing is unlikely to benefit the next generation. How do we “pay it forward”?

  4. I agree and do believe myself that all the psychological problems are because of childhood Traumas which were not coped properly . However The answer to the problem may not be what Daniel says here – Example – Daniel says 1)The best way to change the course of humanity is for us to grow up, become emotionally mature, use our brains — and fast. Nothing else is going to solve the problem. – 2) There are too many of us on the planet, we use too many resources, and we use many resources dangerously. 3) The best way for us to heal our unresolved childhood traumas is to do self-therapy – Yet if you really Ponder – These answers are the real problems in the first place – Think about it –

  5. Hi Daniel
    I love this. I have spent so much of my adult life trying to unravel the confusion left by my upbringing reading complicated theories and stupid simplistic bigoted hogwash that appeals to grandiosity and negative projection – what none of these writings can do is this beautiful parsimonious ‘in a nutshell’, honest explanation of a theory or viewpoint. I think it works like this because its true. No need for obfuscation, baffling with bullshit, or appeals to pig ignorance. Love it. Love your work. I love how you say ‘ No other idea in the history of the world has remotely as much potential efficacy’. It is the rational place to arrive at and i’m glad you are brave enough to say it. It is the conclusion I came to after reading your book and whenever I tell anyone else about your work (which I do whenever I can) I am waiting for them to realise this and say ‘oh my god this is the best idea in the history of the world!’ which it is.

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