The Limits of Faith Healers

[Written around 2004.]

The world is full of faith healers who work their miracles – or at least presume to. They perform spinal surgeries with rusty knives and cure hernias with their fingertips. But what do they really heal?  When it comes to healing broken emotions they are lost. And to the soul truly aspiring to know himself at his deepest level, they lack value and are a regressive and negative force.

Faith healers never ask the afflicted, much less themselves, what caused them to get so sick. If they asked they would discover the answer in people’s emotional histories, in blocked and split-off emotions, in buried, unresolved traumas often going back decades. Traumas that have not been consciously resolved and integrated fester beneath the surface and clamor for release, and if their host cannot bring them to the surface consciously, look them in the eye, feel their horror, and mourn what was lost when they were inflicted, then the traumas will find another way to express themselves – and what better way than through the metaphor of the body? Heart disease, cancer, digestive problems, skin problems, blood problems, sexual problems, brain problems – and mental problems, as psychological problems are physical in nature to some degree – are all a wonderful blank canvas onto which traumas can send out their messages to the world.

Healers, ranging from faith healers who pull out tumors with their dirty fingers to modern doctors working in the world’s most sophisticated hospitals, do people a terrible emotional disservice by curing their physical ills without first truly addressing their psychic ills. To take away someone’s cancer without first even asking, much less finding out, why he developed it is to misprioritize the value of his life and to send his deepest psyche a message that no one heard its true cry for help.

Modern society mistakes the value of life. People are obsessed with living to a hundred though they haven’t really lived with emotional truth since they were three. They are lost, and their old age is no glory or triumph. The body is a beautiful temple, but its architecture is nothing if it holds no great message within. This great message of the human being is the truth of the soul, which only comes through nurturing the inner emotional self. This is the temple’s inner sanctuary. And those so distanced from their inner selves that they have permanently walled off their inner sanctuary with concrete and metal and barbed wire have long since lost their value. Their traumatizers have won. They have been converted into the walking dead.

But for you who feel the capacity to go within, for you who have the courage and desire and motivation to learn your soul’s truest secrets, the secrets that drive you through your life, for you who want to know why and how and where and how much, you have the greatest faith, and you will heal.

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