Toward Truth: A Psychological Guide to Enlightenment

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I wrote “Toward Truth” to offer the reader a radical psychological guide to recognizing and healing childhood trauma—both the extreme echelon of damage that the world recognizes as trauma and the other 99% that flies below the radar and is considered normal.   This book, however, is not a guide in the conventional “how-to” sense, rather, a guide in terms of stating clearly the psychological connections for healing that our world so often and so comfortably denies.  My purpose in this book is to side with the truth of the child, not the lies of the parents, and to trace the roots of trauma to the family. I strive to take the groundbreaking work of psychologist Alice Miller to the next level, and in so doing offer a vision of deep, permanent, non-dissociative hope.

Published in 2010, 150 pages.

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8 thoughts on “Toward Truth: A Psychological Guide to Enlightenment

  1. Toward Truth is about truth. It reveals the truth. It TELLS the truth. Clearly and beautifully.
    It lifts the veil.
    A must read that is life changing. A revelation that explains everything – so that life, for the first time, begins to make sense.
    It explains why things are the way they are, and why you feel the way you do.
    Though reading the truth can be difficult, but it doesn’t leave you feeling defeated – it leaves you feeling validated.

    • A few of my favorite quotes:
      – Full enlightenment is not only possible, it is our life’s most important calling — and responsibility –
      – the most fortunate among us retain that strength of inner life force that propels us forward into the depths of ourselves and allows us to sacrifice all that is necessary to meet this most important end. – That is what gives us value as human beings –
      – The soul may be buried deeply, but as long as our hearts beat there remains hope –

      • And,
        – The healthier a person grows, the more he feels fully righteous standing up for himself — his true self –
        And finally,
        – He envisions a world where parents only have children for the simple sake of passing on their enlightenment — and thus extending the best of humanity. But most of all he sees a world where parents do not emotionally exploit their own children. This is the root of all the world’s ills. And when it is cured, all else will follow, and enlightenment for all will become inevitable. –

  2. I’m a 65 year old retired nurse. I did 15 years as a psych nurse in a hospital. I agree 100% with your opinions expressed on u tube about psychotherapy and the system of mental health in the USA.. So here is my question – I had a childhood that was as close to perfect as you can get with out being on Leave it to Beaver or Father Knows Best. So why have I been pessimistic and filled with philosophical angst since I was 6 years old? Fortunately Ive have a fantastic sense of humor and a ton of creativity all my wonderful life so I still did enjoy a fun and adventurous life. but I still can’t believe in “god” , don’t trust my government an finally now that I am physically falling apart and in pain, I have no more enjoyment in life. My enjoyment and participation in life has steadily declined year by year since I was 18. Now at 65 I can hardly wait to die. I think humans are a greedy, violent,deceptive lot,compared to the rest of the animal kingdom. We’ve ruined the planet and are now looking for a new one. I want to exit ASAP.

    • Hello Nancy!

      Please look into a couple of very valuable books.
      1) Louise Hay – You Can Heal Your Life
      2) Eckhart Tolle – The Power of Now
      The light of the universe shines very brightly through these people.

      There’s a guy on Youtube named Wim Hof who is an awesome light as well.

      Wishing you the Peace, Love, and Joy that an open heart brings.

  3. Thank you so much for doing what you do. In your recent video Breaking From Your Parents, you mention you only got a few hundred copies of that book sold. This was so shocking and sad to hear. After 8 or so years of following your work I had thought surely you’d have garnered way more support than that. I think it’d be worth purchasing my own copies. And I’ll keep sharing your videos in the hopes that your ideas will spark more useful insight for others with regards to bringing about self truth.

    You say that a lot of people criticise you for being pathological. As I’m sure you know, all new paradigms are considered as such until they become the accepted paradigm. I hope you never give up so that some day your ideas might become more widely practiced.

    • thanks emily! yep, i’ve only sold a few hundred copies each of these books yet my videos have been watched a ton…. maybe it’s that people read less, or the subject matter is less popular, or that people are not so into books and a video just requires a click, or it’s that the books cost money? or all of it? personally i love books……and i have a couple more coming out soon…memoir… sending greetings, and again, a thanks—–daniel

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