Why People Are So Terrified of Death

[Written around 2005.]

People are only terrified of dying if parts of themselves have never consciously lived. They may have attained wealth, raised families, achieved fame, and earned societal respect, but this is not living. Real life is about being fully conscious, and for the fully conscious few, death is no terror.

Our job on earth is to live to our full capacity – to break free of the traumas blocking our full conscious connection with inner truth and release all of our gifts. We achieve this by living with the most courage and conviction and honesty we can muster. We struggle to attain self-knowledge, and we sacrifice much on the road toward it. We shed deceptive parts of ourselves, and step ever more boldly into the clear light of day. We attempt to embody the highest ideals for being human. We strive for altruism, living in service to our fellow humans. We share freely of our gifts, and in so doing honor ourselves and our process.

There is massive societal pressure to join the ranks of the numb and cold and in-denial. We are forced to honor our parents before we honor the truth of ourselves. If we succumb to this pressure, we become lost and experience silent misery. Our soul gets partially buried, but does not die. Our soul will always cry out from underneath the lies and denial piled on top of it, and will live quite appropriately in terror of death, because it knows that once we die it will be vanquished forever.

People delude themselves into believing there is an afterlife, but there isn’t any. When you die, it’s all over, and if you haven’t given your soul its true chance to speak, you have missed life’s greatest opportunity.

5 thoughts on “Why People Are So Terrified of Death

  1. Hi Daniel, I believe I have heard you say/write that we must become comfortable with the unknown. Why wouldn’t this apply to whether there is an afterlife or not?

  2. Hi Dan I am a truth seeker and certainly admire your passion and tenacity in the mental health field. It is a wise person who continually longs for truth. I believe in an after life. I don’t consider someone who doesn’t , deluded….yet! 😉 Thank you for all your thoughts, recommendations and advice. I have been viewing your films on Open Dialogue and schizophrenia and am fascinated. Two of my sisters have 2 or more children that are diagnosed Bi Polar, Depression and Schizophrenic….hmmmmmmm ..but cover up every single family lie…….Here I am breaking free to Enlightenment….tough Journey but oh SOOOO WORTH IT!!!

  3. You wrote, “People delude themselves into believing there is an afterlife. There isn’t”. You state it like it’s a undeniable fact when really it is just your belief system. I used to believe the same thing until I started to explore my spiritual self and spiritual writings. If you have ever read “An Autobiography of a Yogi” by Parahamansa Yogananda or “Dying to Be Me” by Anita Moorjani I think you would have a shift in perception. Buddhists believe in an afterlife too as we as humans evolve towards enlightenment through multiple lives.

    • true, Jen. this is my belief. i just haven’t seen any solid evidence for the contrary. meanwhile, i did read “autobiography of a yogi” some years ago and recall not being impressed by it — it said a lot of really weird stuff, from what i remember, that seemed pretty farfetched. i haven’t heard of the other book. i guess, to be honest, i would like to believe in an afterlife — the idea would comfort me, in a sense…. but i just don’t believe in it. i believe that when it’s over, it’s over……
      all the best,

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