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Welcome!  I am glad to share that my first three films have been translated into multiple languages and subtitled, in large part thanks to a generous grant from The Foundation for Excellence in Mental Health Care.  This provided me the opportunity to work with (and, for the most part, pay!) an amazing group of translators.  The result is that this has allowed my films (and more importantly their message) to become accessible to so many more people.  It’s been a wild project — intense, incredibly growth-provoking, learning-rich, and ultimately very satisfying.

To the right I provide a list of all the languages into which at least one of my films has been translated.  Feel free to click on the pages and watch the subtitled Youtube trailers (or, as of April 8, 2014, the complete film on Youtube!!!!).  Also, all of my films (including my 2013 film, Coming Off Psych Drugs) have been subtitled in English, as the result of multiple requests of people who are hearing impaired.

Meanwhile, if you’re a native speaker of a language that is not represented on the list, are also fluent in English, and have interest in translating one of my films, contact me!  Maybe we can work together.  I have all the files ready to go, and a lot of passion for the project, and as soon as we’re done I’ll put it up on Youtube for the world to watch — and give you credit for the translation!!


15 thoughts on “DVDs (subtitled)

  1. Hi Daniel,
    I saw that some of your videos have Chinese subtitles, but not the rest which could be interesting for general population who want to heal. Also your films are not searchable in youku.com (by your name) or other Chinese video sharing sites. I think it won’t hurt to do a bit more, whether in translation or spreading the msg to a larger audience.

  2. Hi Daniel,

    I would like to help translate your film subtitles into Chinese, with my academic resources. Maybe we can discuss ?


  3. Olá , sou do Brasil e aqui dificilmente encontramos profissionais com esse pensamento sobre o assunto , posso dizer que convivo com tudo isso e agradeço muito pelos videos e sua dedicação … Precisamos de mais pessoas assim como você nesse mundo … Obrigado !!!

    • obrigado! hola desde patagonia en argentina. yo estoy haciendo dedo al norte…hacia brasil eventualmente…. lo siento que estoy escribiendo en español, pero no puedo escribir en portugues…pero entiendo un poco!! daniel

  4. Hi, Dan, i think i can help you get the movie, for starters Open Dialogue, translated in Dutch. It would definitely add some extra value to the Dutch speaking mental health system, i’m writing from Belgium but also The Nederlands could benefit from it, since our languages do not differ this much. Anyway i could use some instructions, perhaps the english manuscript, a clean video as well as the appropriate software to create and sync subtitles. Please contact me as soon as possible. Kind regards, Maarten

    • hi maarten, i’ll send you some information. meanwhile, you caught me at a perfect time, because in a few short hours i’m going to south america and won’t have my computer with me…. so this is the last day for a while that i’ll have this information accessible!! i’ll email you backchannel— all the best, daniel

  5. Hi Daniel…i like your way of talking about many case of solution and recover…maybe you can give me an advice for my bro having schizophrenias and under drugs by five years.
    Here in italy we don’t have serious comunity or if there are they are not supported and it means to pay lots of money.. thank you.

  6. Good morning Daniel,

    How generous of you to put your DVDs in every translated language so far, available for free and full viewing on YouTube.

    A total of 5 hours of excellent documentaries!

    One the one hand, professionals in psychiatric wards no longer have the excuse that their accountant and/or boss refused to authorize the purchase of your DVDs: the information is now freely available for them to embark on their learning-curve for delivering higher service quality at lower costs.

    On the other hand, numerous sufferers and their families who cannot afford the purchase now have free access too and can benefit and enjoy the very useful information that you brought to the surface.

    Over here in the little Kingdom of Belgium, I am spreading the news to “decent” professionals as well as to a number of new friends who can benefit too. Ducth-speaking friends hope that the translation in Dutch will soon be available too.

    After seeing your DVDs, and then after visiting Tornio and Open Dialogue in Lapland, Finland, last year, plus a difficult coming-off psych-drugs, our son is now on his way to further benefit of both your information and Scandinavian progress in a “Healing Home” of Sweden. The European network of social security is proving useful.

    Hopefully, on your side of the Atlantic, present “bugs” of the Obama care will soon be solved, and North-American citizens will soon enjoy Scandinavian progress in their Mental Health Care too.

    Once again, Dear Daniel, we want to express you our deepest gratitude for your work and positive contribution, and

    Kind regards from the presently sunny Kingdom of Belgium,


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