Eighteen Ways To Speed Up The Path To Enlightenment

[Written in 2006.]

People argue that conscious celibacy in the service of the path toward enlightenment would lead our species to extinction, but in their denial they completely miss the point – and get it backwards. It is our unconsciousness which is leading us to extinction, and as the coming decades pass this will become only more obvious.

The way things are heading with our species on our planet, it is becoming increasingly irresponsible for people to have children. Hopefully this will not be so in the future, but it is the truth is now. Some are waking up to this reality and are consciously changing their ways. Some are being woken up to this reality and are being forced to change their ways. And the rest are going through their lives blissfully asleep – and will soon be rudely awakened to this reality.

There is no need to become depressed and bury one’s head in the sand. There are things the individual can do. The basic way is to become personally enlightened. Once that is accomplished everything else falls naturally into line.

Here is a short list of ways to speed up your path to enlightenment:

  1. Stop using drugs.
  2. Stop drinking alcohol.
  3. Stop smoking cigarettes.
  4. Stop having sex.
  5. Do not masturbate.
  6. Discontinue other addictive behaviors.
  7. Eat a healthy, reasonable diet.
  8. Take a reasonable amount of exercise.
  9. Set aside time for a good night’s sleep each night.
  10. Do not reproduce.
  11. Be single.
  12. Study your personal history.
  13. Keep a journal in which you honestly express yourself.
  14. Write down your dreams at night and study them – and analyze them – carefully in the morning.
  15. Study your motives.
  16. Simplify your life to the extreme.
  17. Take distance from your family of origin.
  18. Take distance from people who do not follow the things on this list

If you can follow this list, chances are it will add a great degree of stress to your life – perhaps too much to handle at any given time – but it will certainly provoke some degree of healing reaction.

10 thoughts on “Eighteen Ways To Speed Up The Path To Enlightenment

  1. The main thing is presence. The ability to be still and conscious without thinking. At first it is foreign. Not having a direct experience of it, it seems difficult and almost futile because people are weakened and addicted to thinking. After awhile the peace and presence and spaciousness dawns. With that glimpse the passion for more of it grows. So if you can be still long enough for the mud to settle things will clear up. With enough practice one will achieve. Too many rituals, rules or preconditions are simple manifestations of the mind tripping you up. It’s about not following thoughts but returning to presence. That is the basic practice. To become part of the consciousness beyond thinking. To stop misidentifying with anything but the pure consciousness of self. Nothing needs to be done first before being enlightened. No need to add a lot of superstition to it. It is the quiescing of the mind that allows for the clarity of enlightenment.

    • in some ways, yes, Thomas, but in others not. I still have a lot of work yet to do…unresolved traumas…. daniel

      • I understand, I’m in the beginning of my journey.May you be blessed on your journey to the light.LOVE TO YOU

  2. I just ran across this… I think having children can be one of the fastest routes to enlightenment. They show you all the places you are not yet free, and at the same time you see their freedom. They require your presence… if you are able at all to be truly present with yourself. Talk about a mirror!

  3. hi daniel
    i love most of ur essay, but i don’t understand some of them, for example, enlightement. what is the meaning “enlightement” exactly? and what is correlation enlightement with be single, having sex and reproduce? this is like buddha doctrine.

  4. Most of these make sense, but I don’t understand why masturbating is a problem? I’ve always thought it was a healthy, self-loving activity. Sometimes I feel guilty about it, but I thought that was just a remnant of a religious upbringing. Maybe it is in fact my intuition telling me it’s wrong, but I would like to be able to explain why.

    • hi dorothy — well…….maybe it’s not all bad!! i think, though, that it can definitely and easy carry a lot of our unresolved traumas and fantasies, but that doesn’t mean that not masturbating is necessarily the answer……..because that can just be repressing and dissociating…. i think the answer either way is to keep healing traumas…..somehow!!!
      sending greetings,

  5. All well, except for the analyzing of dreams. DO NOT ANALYSE. Just let things be the way they are.

    And for the whole “stop using addictive drugs” thing: Not necessary. As you make progress on the path you will automatically lose interest in these things. In fact, just concentrating on your craving for those things will already drop much of their attractiveness.

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