On Alice Miller

A big part of why I was originally inspired to create this website was to share my point of view on, and my criticisms of, Alice Miller, my favorite well-known writer in the psychology field.

I presently have two main essays about her:  a short one and a long one.

I wrote the long one, my full critique of Alice Miller and her work, first — in 2006.

This is the essay that Alice Miller herself read and commented upon.  It’s a big essay, and thankfully I think it’s clear and flowing enough to be readable — or at least that’s the feedback I’ve gotten from a lot of people over the years.

But other readers have said they wanted a shorter version, so in late 2009 I wrote the shorter version.  I wrote it as a sort of Q & A — to make it most optimally readable.

I personally like both, though I still most recommend the longer one…

5 thoughts on “On Alice Miller

  1. Hi Daniel, I´m really interested in reading more on Alice Miller´s work in the original language/s in which she wrote… Do you know if she wrote in different languages (german, english, french) during his life? And how to know in which specific language did she wrote each of his books?

  2. Hello. I need some help. I hope I reached a place for an answer.

    In Alice Millers original English publication and the 1981 copyright version of the Drama of the Gifted Child, the social aspect of depression (page 59) says “to find support within himself.” This was just removed from the audio book and a open void was there. In the revisited edition, the social aspect says “to find support within himself” was not there. Does anyone know why the difference between the different copyright versions and the removal of the concept of “to find support within himself” and the revisited version.

    Thank you for any help and for taking the time to read this.

    Denis Harkins

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