Toward Truth: A Psychological Guide to Enlightenment

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I wrote “Toward Truth” to offer the reader a radical psychological guide to recognizing and healing childhood trauma—both the extreme echelon of damage that the world recognizes as trauma and the other 99% that flies below the radar and is considered normal.   This book, however, is not a guide in the conventional “how-to” sense, rather, a guide in terms of stating clearly the psychological connections for healing that our world so often and so comfortably denies.  My purpose in this book is to side with the truth of the child, not the lies of the parents, and to trace the roots of trauma to the family. I strive to take the groundbreaking work of psychologist Alice Miller to the next level, and in so doing offer a vision of deep, permanent, non-dissociative hope.

Published in 2010, 150 pages.

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