A Whole Bunch of New Songs

Hi everyone! I haven’t written a blog post in forever — over a year-and-a-half. My apologies! So, in the last couple of years I’ve been playing a lot more music, and some months ago I got around to recording a whole bunch of original songs, some new and some old. Some I recorded on more professional equipment, and others spontaneously with the camera on my computer. Some are a little long, some shorter.  One is completely in Polish.  Another is sung by my friend Rebecca Stabile (I sing harmony on it). Most are gentle and direct, though at least one that I’ve shared publicly so far (“Stupid People Have Children”) seems to annoy a significant percentage of people who have watched it.  Please skip it if you think it’ll only put you in a bad mood!  Meanwhile, here they are. (P.S. I included a video here called the “Godfather Video Game.” I didn’t write that music but I did all the rest, and oh it was fun.  P.P.S. I will be putting out more songs soon.)

5 thoughts on “A Whole Bunch of New Songs

  1. Helloo Daniel,

    Thank you for coming back. I feel your creative juice are flowing because you have closed yet another chapter in your healing!

    You sound amazing, deep and open.

    wishing you all the best from Toronto.

  2. Really happy you posted!! You continue to inspire the more you find your authentic voice! Each of your songs touches a core value. I’d like to visit your house with all your friends staying for free. Keep your voice out there for us to harmonize with…

  3. There is something more with words+music compared to an article or book.. For it me your songs were so helpful. It ´worked´ very well. Thanks again Daniel! Maybe someday I will use your music as inspiration for some more wise and enlightening songs of my own.

  4. Hello Daniel, great to hear you’re back writing your blog.
    Question: Do you know of any support in the Toronto Canada area for those needing supportive environment to foster intimacy with self and others?

    • Hi Steve,
      Hope this email finds you well.

      I live in Toronto too (High Park area)…I am trying not give too much personal information since this is an open forum; however, I am also in exploration phase of my life and if you are interested, maybe you and I can start something together in Toronto. Sometimes, we have to take matters into our hands.
      You never know what the future holds.

      If you think this is something interesting to you, please email me here: dqurux@yahoo.ca

      PS. If you are not interested in exploring a way to start something that will foster intimacy, healing and bringing people together for whatever reasons, I understand too.

      No matter what, I want to wish you the best to come.

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