11 thoughts on “New Music Video — Seeker’s Ballad

  1. How beautiful is this song Daniel!!And it’s full of truth…and I know what kind of soul have written this…I take it like a Xmas gift,´cause i belive this Myth simbolizes the within child human need to became born…and this is anticipated for this history which talk about the child as the coreself waiting for we to make she shines inside us.My way as a therapist changed many yars ago,and I taking seriously this princips…the child is the center.How significant is the fact that the only psicoanalist who took trauma as the most important factor in mental diseases-Ferenczi-is at the same time the only one who had noticed about the wisdom child dream!!!I know all this is correct,cause that is my jouney…and my findings too!Not only thinkings,but facts!!The best for you!!

  2. Classic beauty, captured the spirit of the old Guthrie style ballad infused with stark truth. I won’t say the music calmed me, cause my mind was grasping a lonley seeker UNTIL the skipping! What a touch! Lilting? Yes. I just spent the last 3 weeks mourning my friend Phil (PF) Sloan who was an extraordinary songwriter and he was a seeker so far beyond his time…until time caught up. He was incredibly encouraging to all songwriters! So, I feel it no accident, as I am planning his remembrance, that your post came today. To quote PF Sloan ‘..keep on going, keep on going, to all things in all words, peace’

  3. I am a total music snob, so I didn’t expect to love this song so much. But this is simply gorgeous. Timeless & moving. Thank you for being a seeker with a song that lifts us up!

    “Seekers all must stand together / and seekers all must stand alone.”

    Yes. <3

    On on, fellow traveler!

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