I recorded a new music album

Greetings all!  I just finished recorded a new music album — of thirteen songs.  They’re all original songs that I wrote, and I did all the guitar playing and singing (and some whistling too).  I thought a lot about how to present this album — in this day and age of fewer and fewer people listening to whole albums and more and more people listening just to individual songs.  I realized that I most fervently wished for this album to be listened to in its entirety — as a whole.  That’s how I like to listen to it.  It does something to me when I listen to it that way, something to my heart and soul — it brings me somewhere inside myself.  And I’m hoping it will do that for others.

For this reason, I realized that the best place for me to share it that way is on YouTube, as a single track.  That said, I recognize that some people might prefer to listen to one or another of the individual songs alone, so I also put it on Bandcamp, where you can buy individual original tracks for download.  You can also buy the whole album if you wish.  Although it would be nice for me to make some money from these songs I wrote and recorded, I realize that because of the content that they embody — all about healing from trauma, finding one’s own healthy way in this sad and crazy world, finding value in life — I realized that the money aspect was secondary for me.  Mostly, I just want to make sure that anyone who wants to listen to this album, anyone who might find some peace and solace and allyship from listening to it, would have access to it, for free.  And so it’s now up on YouTube.  The link to YouTube is up above (and here too), and here’s a link to its Bandcamp page, in case you want to buy/download it.

Also, I just revamped my music page on this website, which has links to my other albums and some songs I’ve put on YouTube.

So, warm hello to you all!!