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  1. Am really interested to know how can we deal with a person who suffer from Schizophrenia or paranoia ?
    I would like to help my husband who started to say things that doesn’t exist, and he talks about imaginary persons and he believes that it’s real, the big problem is he think that he is a messenger from God and he talks to him and to Angels, and a lot of other things that are not real !!
    I tried to explain to him that hi should see a doctor but he refused.
    Am really lost and I don’t know how can I help him especially that it’s from a bit 6 months that he started to behave in this way.
    I really need your help and advice please

    • Hello Mari — i wish i had a good answer for you, but i don’t. maybe someone else here does. if he goes to a doctor he will probably just get heavy medication, which often makes the situation WORSE and doesn’t help much. does he have friends he can talk with? safe people he can talk with? even a gentle and kind and respected religious leader he can talk with? (someone he trusts??) finding trustworthy people who will not judge or harm him is very important. people with these kinds of issues respond best to a lot of love and respect… i wish you all the best, daniel

  2. My brother suffers from psychosis 7 years ago and he sees people who do not exist and thinks of an unrealistic diet (because of the consumption of cappetone pills), but he left them from a period of time, taking psychotropic drugs for years but for his benefit
    And now I am all interested ..? How to deal with my brother
    Do you have information to show me where I can treat my brother?

    If I had to travel abroad

    • Hi Eman,
      I wish I had a good answer for you. I probably do not, because there are few in any good programs that help people effectively in a consistent way, and the few that sometimes do are very expensive and usually only take local people, not people from other countries. But the most important question is this: what kind of help does your brother want? And what is he doing to help himself presently? A person can be offered all the best help in the world, but it only can help if he is very interested in it… all the best, daniel

      • Do you help others cure from schizophrenia without medications if so
        Where is your healing centre in Finland ?
        Do you accept strangers from other countries?
        If so how much does it cost?
        How much time does the schizophrenic need to stay in the healing centre,?
        According to the documentaries the patient cured from schizophrenia with dialogue only. Is it true?
        I am from Tunisia (arabe country)
        I have schizophrenia and I want to heal how can that happen?

        • Hello Wael,
          I made the film about Open Dialogue in Finland, but I am from America, not Finland. That program does not accept people from other countries. But many people who have had schizophrenia have been cured without medications. In fact, the medications often make it more difficult for people to heal. The problem is, it is very difficult for many people to stop taking the medication. Many are only able to stop taking the medication if they stop taking the medication very very very slowly. I don’t know about your situation, but I wish you great strength on your healing journey!

  3. I need to speak with doctor to explain for my wife and if its possible for treatment we will come to your area .



  4. Je veux acheter les filme qui parle de la maniere résoudre ce problème mon grande frère a été suicider ça fait 15 ans est maintenant ces mon peti frère qui soufre de cette maladie comment je peux avoire ces filme

  5. أريد شراء هذه الأفلام الثلاثة ولاأستطيع الدفع عبر الانترنت فهل لديكم منافذ بيع في البلاد العربية ؟ وشكرا لكم

    • أنا آسف! لدي خيارات الدفع عبر الانترنت فقط. كما أنني لا أكتب باللغة العربية. فقط الانجليزية (وبعض الفرنسية والإسبانية). وسوف ارسل لكم.

  6. i have a brother who has schizophrenia and we live in Jordan (poor country) and we cant even pay for his treatment. he is talking to himself and to other non-existing people. we wish him to involve in this program.
    we asked him to go with us to the doctor but he is refusing!

    we want to help him. my mother died with breast cancer and since that event he started to change until he become with this psychologic disorder!

    is there a way to help him out?

    • greetings kawther,
      well, probably going to the doctor will mean that he just gets put on pills (at least in western countries), which usually doesn’t help, especially in the long-run. are there people who can talk with him? friends? anyone he trusts? maybe engaging him in conversation would be helpful? it is not uncommon that very stressful situations (such as your mother dying) cause people to go into extreme states, like hearing voices and talking with people that no one else can see. i think it is usually not helpful if people stay isolated and alone and don’t interact with others that much.

      i do not know that much about the mental health system in jordan, but i am guessing that they a lot of anti-psychotic medications as well. probably cheaper ones. but in my opinion it’s definitely best to avoid them, if possible.

      i am wishing you the best,

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