Evolution Ain’t What It Used Be

[Written around 2006.]

In biologically evolutionary terms the fittest organisms are those that bear the most offspring surviving to reproductive age.  Many humans still believe this to be a worthy life goal, even an obligation, and feel they are letting down their species, their culture, their families, and their race if they don’t have children.  But how sickening this tribal attitude is!  What about the good of our world?

In a world of massive overpopulation, where our human species is in the very process of destroying our planet home, there is nothing evolved about our behavior.  It is beyond ironic that our species has mastered the art of survival to the degree that we are driving ourselves into extinction.  As such, the whole definition of evolution must be redefined.

It is now the least evolved people who produce the most children.  It is easy to procreate ad nauseum, as cats and rabbits have long since proven, but it is hard to be a real parent for a human child.  Children are not like little bunnies:  they need more than food and warmth to grow to their full potential.

Evolution is no longer about survival of the reproductively fittest.  Evolution is now about survival of the fittest in terms of mature, psychological consciousness.  It is this consciousness that will save our species, if anything will.  The nurturing of this consciousness takes massive work, given the stumbling blocks the insane norm throws in our path.

Evolution is now about freeing the true and perfect self that we all have in our breast.  This happens through healing the traumas of our childhood.  A person who cannot heal his childhood traumas is a person who is not evolving, is stuck, dead even – petrified wood on the evolutionary path.  He may have ten children, but he will pass on little to them beyond his own limitations – and his pain and suffering.

One thought on “Evolution Ain’t What It Used Be

  1. I agree, I see a lot of people stuck in depression and denial, yo-yoing between grandiosity and depression, ideologies of all sorts, religion etc.
    But I have realized that the only way out of the inner pain, is experiencing through the inner pain at your own pace.
    Yes some people are not able to face their inner pain, but to keep delaying it, is to delay living your own life fully. And the worst case scenario is when you think that your children will rescue you out of your pain. That your children will meet your unmet needs.

    It is a very messy situation.

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