On Being A New Species

[Written around 2005.]

The enlightened person is a new species. Although he can physically interbreed with others of Homo sapiens, he does not. He lives in a different world. His mental make-up is different from theirs. This is painful for him. He may be attracted to some members of Homo sapiens, but on a soulful level he is not compatible.

You who undertake the path of healing, the path of resolving your deepest childhood traumas, are changed by it. You are no longer like other people. You can relate to them, but they can no longer relate to you, because they have no frame of reference by which to understand you. You will judge them accurately, and they will only misjudge you in return – and label you as the judgmental one. You will breathe outside the box in which they operate.

This will be painful for you. You will often lack for company. You will know loneliness. You will know isolation. You will not always enjoy it. You will want approval from others who will not be able to give it. They will not be able to rescue you.

It is hard to be a new species. Most new species in our planet’s history have died out quickly. Many such individuals do not find mates. They have to learn to be alone. It is easier to join the flock and find your partner within its folds.

But there is hope for the new species. As individuals we live a long time and we are compelled to fight for our way. Perhaps we will catch hold and someday become dominant. Even if we do not breed on a physical level, our ideas can…and already are. This is a wonderful time of psychic change. The world is open. The world needs to hear our message.

3 thoughts on “On Being A New Species

  1. I’m tasting the pain and hope I can avoid it. I’m split because part of me is needy. One minute, one minute more, before I’m able to stand that pain. And you don’t allow me not to be myself, my messenger. I’m bewildered. Who is not allowing me? But one minute…pain…

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