Passion: The Fuel For the Journey

[Written in 2004.]

Passion drives us to grow, to learn about ourselves, to be different from the expected, to face the painful consequences of our struggle and to persevere. Passion comes from deep within us. Passion pre-dates our traumas and our consciousness, our decorum and our identities. Passion tears through denial and disrespects lies. Passion is the spark of our souls, and the root of our enlightenment.

Passion is the raw force of life, and it threatens still-traumatized parents – the norm – who are by nature spiritually dead or dying. Out of fear of being awakened such parents unconsciously traumatize the child in order to mute his honesty. They humiliate him to force him to lock his truth in back alleys of the psyche, and they numb his memory with ice to keep him from remembering.

Passion reminds them of what they have buried, what they have sacrificed, and what they cannot bear to remember. They want to forget their own childhood truths, the pains and humiliations they suffered at the hands of their own parents, whom they would prefer to idealize. They want to forget who they might have otherwise become had they spiritually lived. And if their child manifests this it will force them to remember.

But the passionate do not forget. They remember. They keep alive their connections with their true selves, and they remember what lies buried within all of us. They are the well-diggers into the deep soil, and they have an uncanny ability to know where the pooled water hides. And the more they drink, the stronger they become. Water melts the façade, and the façade is death.

3 thoughts on “Passion: The Fuel For the Journey

  1. Daniel, thank-you! Just found you a couple months ago. What you share so generously and extensively is an “aha” experience for me, as it reflects and confirms much of what I have been gradually coming to think and feel and experience through many years, and continuing. Is there any news re” the “Conscious Community” project (May 8, ’15)? At present I am writing about many years of working and learning with children and their parents in Europe. I would so much like to share with you – and others- what I am trying to do.Would it be possible to talk by phone and possible meet
    at some point? I am in the U.S. often.

  2. Hi Daniel, there is real truth in this essay. I love the self work you have done and found you through the articulate reviews you’ve given on Amazon regarding Alice Miller’s books. Keep up the great passion within you, it’s inspiring and healing to others. Thank you!

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