Truth Is Not Subjective

[Written around 2004.]

There is but one truth. This one truth is reality. Reality is what is, whether we see it or not. Although truth is not subjective, our perspectives on truth can be subjective. Until a person becomes fully enlightened – and can see full truth – his vision of truth will be at least partially distorted. He will believe things to be true that are false. His knowledge of cause and effect will be limited. He will lie to himself.

Unresolved traumas block the human vision from truth. When a person cannot resolve his traumas of childhood he is prevented from facing the truth of what happened to him when he was at his most vulnerable. He is forced to deny the painful and horrible reality surrounding his experiences, and until these experiences burst through his denial they will clouds his vision of who he is and what his rightful place in the world is.

The true self, that core of who each of us is, lives awash in truth. It is connected to truth, and sees it clearly. When we reconnect with our true self and align with it in the full light of consciousness, we also know truth.

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