Three Ways To Make Amends

[Written around 2004.]

1) The least evolved people make amends by apologizing – and then continuing their inappropriate behavior as unconsciously as ever. This is an almost completely false amend.

2) Moderately evolved people make amends by forcing themselves to curtail their inappropriate behavior – by whatever means necessary. Generally this involves dissociating themselves from the parts of themselves which are causing their inappropriate behavior. That is, they bury their motivating feelings deeper into their unconscious. This is a step up because at least they are not behaving as traumatically toward others as their less evolved counterparts.

3) The most evolved people make amends by delving into the depths of their souls, searching out the unresolved traumas which motivate their inappropriate behavior, and resolving the trauma. This process is hell, and the conscious pain they suffer by mourning the past tortures inflicted on them thrusts them into enlightenment, benefiting not only themselves and their intimates – because their inappropriate behavior simply evaporates – but by extension all of humanity. This is the point of life.

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