I have been writing books since 1993, when I was in my early 20s.  I didn’t get a book published, however, until 2008, when Routledge (in the UK) picked up Beyond Medication, a peer-reviewed and essentially academic book that I co-edited and co-wrote with a psychiatrist from Chicago, Dr. David Garfield.  Publishing it was huge for me, and inspired a lot more from within me, including my first film, Take These Broken Wings.  Several of the chapter contributors to Beyond Medication, including Joanne Greenberg, an author whose works I’ve been reading since I was a teenager, also appeared in that first film.

My earlier unpublished books, however, were not formal like Beyond Medication.  They were the exact opposite.  They were sort of passionate travelogues of a variety.  My first one, called Have Thumb, Will Travel, tells the story of a month-long hitchhiking trip I took around Australia the month my parents split up, when I was 21.  The second one, These Songs of Freedom, tells of a trip to Russia and China I took with my guitar when I was 22.  I tried desperately to get both published, and even aroused some interest in a decent agent in New York City for my first one, but…he couldn’t sell it to any publishers.  It didn’t help that I had no name and no reputation.

But I kept writing anyway, because I loved it.  Several other books followed — about traveling, philosophy, psychology.

As it stands, I still have about eight or ten unpublished manuscripts sitting in my computer’s hard drive.  I haven’t looked at most of them in years.  Maybe someday I will!

Meanwhile, here are my other published books, my newest one at the top of the list, published in 2014:


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  1. Are you working currently on a new book, Daniel:)? Do you think you’ll publish one exclusively about self-therapy some day? It’s so hard to find a good and responsible therapist and, frankly speaking, watching about all those cool therapists in your movies when I’m not from USA is depressing for me. I’m curious if others feel similarly but I feel as if all good ones are in the USA or Scandinavia… What about the rest of the world? I personally feel that the self-therapy that you promote is an answer to this huge problem. You kindled a spark of hope that it actually may work! I’d love to hear about people from your experience as a therapist or your personal life who healed completely through self-work-without psychotherapy. And I think I’m not the only one:)!

  2. Hi, Daniel! Congratulations from Barcelona. I’ve just seen a video on YouTube about the process of Healing and for me It has been a great discover. Let me explain. Alice Miller is one of my favorite writers. Since I heard about her, back in 2009, I’ve read all her books, several times each. Today I was searching more information on Internet about her and I’ve decided to enter to YouTube… and I have discovered your videos! Thank you for all your explanations, and above all, thank you for your honesty and your courage when you talk about your life. It’s nice to see that I am not the only one. I am a journalist and academic in Barcelona, Spain, and I will try to find your books!

  3. Hi Daniel–I was hoping to buy Breaking From Your Parents (which Amy told me of) in a print version, but found only a kindle one on Amazon. Did I miss something, or is there any way I can pay you for a printable one? ION, I’m so glad you’re out there in the world doing your thing and making it a better place. Best to you –Kara

    • hi Kara,
      greetings from zagreb, croatia! alas — there is no printable copy……. just the PDF version via this website and the kindle version on amazon……. sorry — i wish there were a print version. maybe someday?!?! all the best to you! daniel

  4. I just happened upon your essay on Hornstein’s biography in the course of preparing a talk which is the second part of a presentation to some psychotherapists.Imagine my astonishment when I discovered that you are also the author of the first part of my presentation at which I showed ‘Take these Broken Wings’, which I greatly admire! I am a psychotherapist with a strong interest in severely disturbed people. Running out of space; have a look at

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