HINWEIS: Ich habe mich entschieden, meine Filmdokumentationen auf Youtube einzustellen, weil ich sie weltweit teilen will. Sie können die DVDs der Filme weiterhin erwerben, wenn Sie möchten, ich will jedoch niemandem den Zugang zu ihren Inhalten mangels Geld verwehren. Auf eine Revolution in der psychiatrischen Gesundheitsindustrie!

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  1. Hello Daniel.
    I love youre documentary “Take this broken wings”. But i have one question about. The Reporter tell us about a study from the who in terms of the medication and recovery. I can´t find it. Please tell me, where i can get the study. Wanna use it for my psychiatriclessons. Also i need the study for a doctor in our hospital, because he don´t belive me.
    Thx a lot!
    Best wishes

  2. Hi Daniel,
    we are a group of people in Leipzig, Germany running a community space. Among other things we are interested in Open Dialogue and the critical approach to psychopharmacology. We stumbled upon your documentaries and were wondering if we could have a showing in a somewhat public but non-commercial setting, using the versions you put up on youtube.
    This would be a very nice way of getting to know your work and the Open Dialogue concepts better.
    Please let us know if this woud be alright

    Thank you very much!
    Best regards,


    • greetings from peru, H.!! I am traveling now!!! please of course feel free to use my films however you wish. they are free and yours to share and enjoy and do whatever you want with. danke!!! daniel

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