On sex and relationships

This is an interesting section for me — complex, in fact.  I wrote some of these essays as early 2004, back when I was a therapist.  I was also completely celibate back then.  Things have shifted somewhat in my life, especially in the last couple of years.  (I am writing these words on March 29, 2013.)  I am no longer really celibate, though I am still very careful around expressions of my sexuality, for a variety of reasons.  But I am more open now to being involved in romance — and have been involved in some relationships over the past couple of years.  But has my perspective on these essays shifted?  Perhaps in some ways.  And perhaps in some ways, and in the basic ways, not at all.  Nevertheless, I share them as they were written.


One thought on “On sex and relationships

  1. Doctor, thank you for your videos …they truly helped me get a better understanding of some crucial events in my own life ….. but doctor I would seriously appreciate your input in a specific subject.
    So you made a video about the analysis of “pretty privilege” that some women will have a problem with , I would like to know (as a heterosexual guy) the proper way to approach these types of women for the purpose of achieving a long term relationship (hopefully a marital one).

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