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guestbook entries imported from previous guestbook guestbook entries imported from previous guestbook wrote on March 28, 2013 at 9:53 am
Agnes 2/10/2011 7:00:29 PM Waw! What an incredible video \"A vision of enlightenment\". Up until now, I thought I was crazy for thinking exactly like you described in the video. I am (partial) survivor of childhood abuse, and after my children were born, I have realized why I have so many limitations. I believe that most of the worldâ??s population (or at least North America) is still in their infant minds, unaware, completely selfish, and destructive by no other fault than the way they were brought up, and this goes back to how their parents were raised and how their parents parents were raised and so on. Daniel, you are absolutely right when you say that if everyone would just dealt with their issues, there would be no need for such tragedy. We are all so â??attachedâ? to one another, in the wrong way, meaning one drowns the other because there are not fulfilled (fully loved), and were we are lacking or not trusting ourselves, we as adults get angry (like the child kicks and screams when they have a tantrum), and start blaming others for our troubles rather than fixing our own limitations. I can go on and on, but I just want to say that you are doing a wonderful job spreading this word. You will have much resistance in your journey from others, if you have not already experienced it, but donâ??t give up. I will not give up either. I am frustrated and discussed by how our world is running but I guess that is where I still have a lot of my own fixing to do to be truly fulfilled by the parent in me, but once I get there, that anger, frustration will be replaced with complete understanding, and that is only when I can truly give to the world without drowning others. Thank you so very much for the video, it will reach people! Beth 2/7/2011 3:55:39 AM Nick, I absolutely loved finding your articles on truth. I connected with so much of what you included, especially in the suicide and high functioning writings. I am presently feeling so alone in my beliefs (truth) and have lost many very dear friends because the truths i speak of frighten them. They prefer to continue to live in denial. I stand in my own truth but it is becoming increasingly lonely as i heal. I, too, suffered childhood trauma - sexual abuse- and have been working on my healing for 12 years. Thank-you so much for your refreshingly honest writings. I wish i could share this site with someone - but i\'ve successfully scared them away........ Adelaida 1/31/2011 5:04:28 PM Hei Daniel, do I have your permission to translate in Romanian and post to my Facebook profile your \'15 debunked lies\' ? Of course, with the appropriate references? many thanks, & peace, Adelaida Tina 1/31/2011 3:48:05 PM It took me many years to come to terms with my parents\' indifference to me. The emotional scars stay with you. How I forgave them is by trying to understand that they had been conditioned by the culture they grew up in - authorities always know best, they\'re older so they\'re wiser - ha ha! What I find most difficult to bear is people who let their children cry and cry. The child\'s misery is real, do something!! What do you think? joe kelly 1/15/2011 12:33:09 PM Dear Danial I recieved my copy of \'Take these Broken Wings\' by post a few days ago. Many Thank I shall be showing it to friends and associates. I think it\'s a teriffic movie Marsha 1/14/2011 8:30:30 PM Pages 8 and 18 {the entries from Scarley and the two Peter(s)} say what I agree with. Some of your reasons against schizophrenia being caused by mothers were so bogus and sounded like you were making a complete joke of it all. Perhaps they didn\'t go as far to view the movie, like myself, so therefore wouldn\'t\'ve known that you actually support the theory that bad parenting can and does cause mental illnesses. And you acted like they must\'ve been confused or something. No, it was YOU that failed to explain. I thought about mentioning Sybil Dorsett, as I first read your (was it?) 32 reasons, however, when I went to your guestbook, I figured you out. You just like confusing people. Sitaboona 1/13/2011 12:03:48 PM interesting article. It is for this to you many thanks! Linda Greene 1/8/2011 5:29:53 PM I just stumbled upon your website and I feel so pleased to have found a kindred soul on the journey of self enlightenment. Please keep up the good are changing the world! Ana Reis 1/5/2011 12:13:44 PM Dear Irare: As well as you (so I understand) I have a huge respect for Alice Miller. It was the reading of hers books that opened me the possibility to start felling again. I got so used to endure pain and emptiness that I maintained myself in a robot not so good functional way of living. Unfortunately, as well as many people I started analyses whit a therapist who also never had their parents idealization sorted out. I was encouraged to try and see love out of my upbringing when I only could see selfishness and neglect. I also begin to realize that although the process of speaking about my feeling was helping me get in touch with my inner child, I was not receiving the empathy towards my truth. I m righting you to say that knowing that people like you are out there, makes me fell that is possible to continue my process towards self knowledge and self healing. On the contrary of most people Iâ??m not here to forgive anyone. I was hard enough for me to realize that indignation, ager and hurt were appropriate answers to my history and feelings. It was precisely the forcing towards forgiving that made me very very hill. I m just happy to hear you say that itâ??s ok to get away from our family, that itâ??s ok to be alone, that sex is just one of the multiples forms of getting some feeding. Sometimes I wander what was it like to new someone without the projections and traumas we carry. I donâ??t even think that we see ourselves or know ourselves, so how can we become partners, parents and adults? We are addicted to people and things that we think can (in a very twisted and poorly way) meet the needs we carry since childhood. Your existence gives me hope. I donâ??t want anything more than to know that Iâ??m not alone. Thank you. Ana Reis henrik 1/1/2011 2:50:00 PM Came across a mentioning of your name today, and was tempted to see more. What I have seen so far agree with my own mind. Your thougths on an overpopulated globe, especially so. But should the anglosaxons refrain from propagation while the asians and africans spawn offspring en masse? I am airing a thougth here, not asking for an answer (but anticipating to see one when it has ripened.) greg 1/1/2011 6:35:14 AM Will be interesting to see how you feel about all of this in the years to come! I believe you have a good deal of growing up to do. You sound very immature and overly idealistic. You must temper some of your idealism with a good dose of realism. We are no longer in the Garden of Eden. This is the real world and necessity demands its due!! You seem like a very sweet young man. Good Luck... joe kelly 12/28/2010 8:42:00 PM hi daniel i like your talk with will hall on madness radio. i am active in mh affairs in london uk. i think your work is really excellent. let me know if you are visiting london. cheers joe kelly Barbara Rogers 12/27/2010 10:25:10 PM Hi, Daniel, yesterday, I watched your fascinating documentary \"Take These Broken Wings,\" and I was very moved by it. The interviews provide invaluable information. The truth and the personalities of courageous people shine through them and make your documentary unique and powerful. Thank you for your great effort and this wonderful work of art and truth-telling. Sincerely, Barbara Rogers December 27, 2010 anna lacroix 12/22/2010 1:24:33 AM do you speak to your parents now Charli 12/18/2010 7:40:50 PM Forgiving my abuser has been an essential step in my recovery. Holding all of that hate and anger toward him was toxic. I fear that you are erroneously confusing forgiving an abuser with pardoning them. He will be judged and punished appropriately. My forgiving him in no way makes his responsibility for hurting me less. It only frees me and allows healing within my soul. charli 12/18/2010 7:31:01 PM As a child I was abused. The worst abuse was definatly perpetrated by my brother. He molested me for over ten years. My mother still swears she had no idea but all of the signs were there. They used shame as a tool to keep us in line. When shame didn\'t work they used violence. If violence didn\'t work they would deny us their love. They sheltered, clothed and fed us but every child they \"parented\" is completely messed up as an adult. Out of all of my siblings I am by far the healthiest. It has taken years of therapy and hard work. I still see a therapist and know I have a ton of work to do, probably for the rest of my life! I was twenty when my daughter was born. I was definately emotionally immature and I did want a baby to finally know unconditional love. Your theory that because of my own immature emotional state, selfish desire to be loved therefore brought my child into an abusive environment is way off base! Because of my daughter I got help. I protected her like a mother bear! I married a wonderful man and we had two boys. We raise our children with love, structure, boundaries and faith in Christ. My children are my motivation to live a healthy life. Dealing with the issues that incest causes takes a determination I wouldn\'t have if it weren\'t for my children! They make me want to do better, be better, get better and stay better! That healing wouldn\'t have begun without my selfish desire to know unconditional love. I am in no way a perfect parent but I must ask you sir, are you? Do you strive daily to be a better person for your children? In your assumptions you leave little room for any exception to your rules. Being a parent is the most wonderous experience and luckily it started from a selfish desire to know love. Dr Charles Parker 12/16/2010 10:39:11 AM The healing comes from those who understand - and leave no stones unturned. Healing does not come from, as some think, simply identifying the problem label and throwing meds at it. Stuck in the past, stuck anywhere, interestingly enough, can, and often does have biologically active roots that perpetuate the challenge of living every day - and the new brain science does offer a variety of practical solutions for those interested. cp
guestbook entries imported from previous guestbook guestbook entries imported from previous guestbook wrote on March 28, 2013 at 9:53 am
Juliano 12/15/2010 7:40:40 PM Hi Daniel I have just heard your interview you did with Madness radio. HOW can I communicate how it made me feel....? my whole organism wanted to cry with ecstasy. I am So inspired by you and your loving energy--not only for seeing right through the crap, but acting on that. I am not a down-like person though I can be as I am human. I do a lot of research and come up against a lot of dehumanization that makes my whole organism want to be sick, but you Daniel, and people like you restore my faith in humanity. Any more of this and YOU may be sick....LOL haha, but seriously I cannot express how you make me feel. SO INSPIRED I WANNA DANCE AND SICG AND LAUGH AND CRY Peace and Love Juliano mary 12/15/2010 9:41:17 AM am interested in listening to your music but cannot seem to do so. Is there some trick to listening that i am missing. Living in Ireland and am passionate about the whole area you are involved in. Have moved out mostly of conventional, institutional areas and carving a new niche which continues to benefit all. Have been a single parent for 20 years !! and do very very well considering. Mary Michele 12/8/2010 11:24:34 PM Hello, I am a 35 yr old female I just found out about your film \"take these broken wings\" I have been diagnoised with schizophrenia. I have been on and off medications(many different anti psyotics, all have horrible side effects) for years with some success at times other great failures. I perfer to hear my voices so often i will take a small dose of med to \"take the edge off\" other times I try to do it on my own. I have finally found a psychiatrist that is willing to support me regardless of I am on and off medicataion. I have a wonderful therapist that is not sold that i can be of medications but continues to work with me. I have currently been off medications a few months with minor problems but am slowly regaining my footing and going on with life. Its really encouraging to know there are others out there that have the same illness as me and have done it without medication espicaly when I have been told since diagnosis that I would be on an anti psyotic for the rest of my life. TS 12/8/2010 10:45:47 PM I know you and you know me, we have met before. We have seen each other on the streets talked with little words but much meaning, I apologize for not realizing who you were and for not knowing who I was. Although I know now that we will find each other again. There are so many people but so few souls. This world is covered with seeds but is starving for trees and water. We have all the time in the world to play with but little time to live it. I have been watching closer than I ever have before. I am awake now and ready to play this game of peace. We are so lucky to be here. We will have more fun than we ever had before. Itâ??s time to live our lives and not the lives of others. If you feel it you will be looking as I have been for you. Itâ??s lonely but there is hope. We can help others help themselves. You will meet me when I am down. I will meet you when you are hurt. When your car has broken down on the road I will be the one with tools. When you are lost I will be the one to hand you the map. There is only one way to meet each other and you know where to look. I wait in your memories and your dreams. If you have ever met me you will never stop looking for me. There is much to share; we will grow faster and stronger when we find each other. We were learning from our history as none have before us. We now wear a mask not to hide from who we are but from fear from others if they see our face. We were not born to play the role of statues but to be the ones to carve them. Suzi Wong 12/6/2010 11:06:08 PM I have been looking at your views on Alice Miller and as someone who has faced her own history (depths of my soul) I find your challenge of her rather Narcissistic. I totally get Hubris. I get the context and I feel you are the one confusing things. It seems like an infantile and pointless challenge. Why would you bother? What are you trying to prove? Have you faced your own history? This is the truth of how I feel after reading your piece. God Bless Suzi Eveline MacDougall 12/4/2010 10:01:08 PM I just watched \"Take These Broken Wings\" and I think your work holds so much essential hope. People like you help to save the world by speaking the truth about so many things. You are no doubt labelled by some \"misguided\", but I think you are the real deal. Thank you. Keep at it. I would guess you have changed lives, and will change many more. I don\'t believe in buying holiday gifts (I usually make my own) but this year, even though I am fairly low-income, I am purchasing your DVD for each member of my immediate family. Rock on. Colin Hughes 11/20/2010 11:34:40 AM Sorry that you\'ve never met a recovered alcoholic or really read the AA book if you had done you would have a different view of the 12 Steps and their outcome. I sincerely hope that you change your views especially as you seem to be about helping others. Stephen 11/19/2010 11:31:56 PM Hi, Is it possible to buy take these broken wings as a download? opeyemi parham, M.D. 11/14/2010 3:29:45 PM So good to met you, Daniel! I am spreading the word abut your DVD, and this website. We \"feral\" healers (having left the domesticated end of the spectrum and now thriving in the wild) should support each other. Check out my essay at my website, \"Why I stopped doctoring\" and this great new book \"Hope Beneth Our Feet\", in which I have an essay titled, \"Waking From Despair\": ( Sharon O\'Farrell 11/14/2010 11:30:55 AM Hi Daniel, I am a psychotherapist in Ireland and am also an adult survivor of trauma and abuse. I \'\'accidentally\'\' stumbled across your work here this morning and am reading all your essays with great interest. I\'ll be back in touch soon as I would like to connect with you to discuss some issues you have highlighted that I also see in my day to day life and work. Siobhan Ni Laighin 10/31/2010 5:05:14 AM Hi, I stumbled on your website after listening to an interview on Madness Radio (interview with Cathy Penny). At first glance I notice a few things that jump out at ended your therapist practice on my birthday earlier this year...... You\'ve just returned from Ireland (where I grew up and continue to visit annually)\'ve been influenced by Alice Miller (me too).....but mostly you see trauma in childhood where most people don\'t. I have some experience with madness (I\'ve been hospitalised twice, 7 years apart). I have a 9 year old son. We live in Seattle, mainly so I can be involved in a school community which considers childrens freedom something worth\'s a democratically run school where kids get the same vote as an adult, make the rules and choose how to spend their time. I have not yet delved into your written materials on the site but am looking forward to it during my coming hibernation over the winter months. If I\'m inspired, I\'ll write more comments. Siobhan Jorge 10/9/2010 10:13:20 AM Hi Daniel, im a 29 years olf guy from Spain, i found your youtube videos very useful, is like though you i can can see reflected parts of me that have never been seen in other person. I also have been journaling for many years, with a similar acttitude, and muy aims in life are similar as well.I have one question, as i see here in your web your degree is in biology, how could you be a terapist ? is legal there in american? which are your credentials for the patients? Parcel 10/3/2010 11:38:34 PM Hi Dan, I would like to thank you for explaining what I went thro and why, cos it all starts to make sense now. Thank you so much. I became a Christian in 1990 and only then did the healing process begin, and boy was it painfull! Its still going on now, and having to come to terms with the fact that my mother abused me, my father was never around to protect me, I never felt loved, living in many houses in various parts of the country and attending many schools ,growing up with someone who apparently is my brother, has been very traumatic. Only now am I starting to realise I went thro all this stuff for a purpose and thro it all, as healing follows, I can help others who may go thro similiar experiences. This is (I believe) so that God gets all the honor and the glory. Until I came to \"know\" the Lord, my life was a mess. Thanks Parcel Millie 10/1/2010 10:42:28 AM I read your ctitique of Judith Herman\'s book and I don\'t really agree with you. I\'ve experienced the extreme trauma that she\'s discussing and I find it unhelpful that so much work about surviving trauma is about less extreme situations. Maybe we need two different words. I can see that betrayal, disillusionment, lack of nurturing etc causes psychic wounding and affects individuals and society, but it can\'t be put into the same category as being subject to intense, deliberate and extreme trauma. They\'re different things. I also think the \"every rapist was himself raped\" argument is interesting but narrow. I\'m not sure it\'s only trauma that causes trauma. Lack of personal challenge/achievement and engagement leaves people open to indoctrination, depersonalisation, lienation and an exaggerated sense of entitlement. And your argument doesn\'t have a mirror image - not everyone who was raped becomes a rapist - so what does that mean for your statement? Daniel Mackler 9/25/2010 7:11:51 AM Hi all---thanks for the comments---I enjoy reading them. I was basically offline for a month, living in Ireland editing two new films, and have just returned to read the guestbook. About the father who takes a five year son to violent, graphic me that\'s just horrible, plain and simple. Terrible for the child, on who-know-how-many levels. Also, Nick wrote several very personal entries on this guestbook and later emailed me asking that I remove them, which I did---so I just wanted people to know that I\'m not arbitrarily removing people\'s entries!! It is very nice to read what people write---I very much appreciate it. Also, one of these days I\'m going to be adding more material to this website, and updating it more and more and more.... Soon, when I have the time! All the best, Daniel Rachel 9/25/2010 2:54:01 AM Daniel, your site is extremely interesting. What you talk about, i always knew and felt, raising my own children, but i could never explain it. Becoming a mother i realized how much a child depends on their parent, especially the state of mind they are in and the emotions they display. I can\'t believe more people don\'t realize this. I try so hard to remain aware of my childrens\' sensitivity to thier parents\' behavior. Thank u for sharing all your insight! I knew there were people like you out there.
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Sandy Price 9/9/2010 10:01:17 PM I find this site very interesting and am a victim of child abuse myself. Quit my job uprooted my whole life to find i have been diagnosed with Mpd, no joke but what i find is missing in all of your comments and for that matter even in the documentary is the lack of God. Where is the forgivness and hope and respect of the parents who gave you life, it is your responsiblity to be happy to find happiness ,no one elses as you travell are you not using people for your own reasons, please think about this All of our lives are fragile. The purpose of life is to depend on God and to glorify him Candice 9/9/2010 2:18:05 PM Btw, Nick, if you ever introduce yourself to the forum discussion board, don\'t be afraid to really go into detail about your life, your past and childhood, the most honest and open people always seem to get the most responses and warm welcomes 🙂 Candice 9/9/2010 1:54:52 PM @ Nick hello, I live in Australia also 🙂 I know many people who are in a similar position to you! You can find them at should you be looking to reach out to someone at some stage, Stefan Molyneux, the host of the website runs a podcast show about a variety of topics; child abuse, family of origin (FOO), cutting contact with the FOO (also known as deFOO, many people at FDR have \'deFOOed\'), the government (mainly how its roots are in abusive childhoods), relationships of all kinds, stateless (nonviolent) societies (how they can be achieved through loving and caring for children), religion and atheism. many of the views are quite controversial because of how heavily they focus on the roots of many destructive things being in childhood. There\'s quite a strong community growing there with many who describe what you describe. You have my sympathies for seeing all the dreadful child abuse, I find it traumatic when I walk down the street and hear a parent threaten to smack a child, let alone be constantly surrounded by it! Candice 9/1/2010 2:03:18 PM @ Sue I am simply horrified to read that a man is taking his 5 year old son to watch such movies, I don\'t think you need to ask Mackler\'s opinion of this either to know what he will feel. This child is being completely traumatized by a cruel, sick and evil man, and at whatever lengths necessary this child needs to be taken to safety, and after he has been taken to safety whoever is caring for him must to help him heal from this trauma immediately. Mackler as far as I am aware does not have internet access atm. I was compelled to respond because of how awful this situation is. sue 8/30/2010 2:39:11 AM What do you feel about a father who takes his 5 yr old son to R rated movies that are very violent and graphic, My daughter and husband are separated. She and son live with us. He told my daughter that if she doesn\'t agree to certain things that he will start taking his son to worse movies. No divorce yet. It has been three years, but my daughter has been logging everything. Don\'t want to get into everything. Was not sure if this is going to show up on the site. Paulina 7/30/2010 2:12:59 PM Hi Curious, A person who says that parents are always trying their best is forgetting or doesn\'t have idea that a parent with active needs from his/her childhood is not even able to see the child (not even talking about doing any best for the child). It\'s not possible to do any good for a child when your needs from childhood are still \"flying in the air\" and you don\'t recognise them. What that person is saying is a normal excuse, nothing else. It doesn\'t matter if parents are or aren\'t trying their best, if someone is trying the best for you but this \"best\" is somethig you do not need at all and additionaly there are things that you actually need, does it matter that this someone is trying best for you? And parents will additionally demand their child to feel grateful to the end of his/her life for something that they usually did not need at all. curiousN 7/26/2010 6:30:15 PM Hi Pauline. I didn\'t and don\'t have any children. The two people I mentioned though both have children... Paulina 7/25/2010 9:22:14 PM Hi Curious, Now that I think of, I cannot say what would be my reaction to that book if I did not have a child, but I do so I cannot imagine passing by something like this. Did you have children at that time? curious n 7/25/2010 9:13:34 PM Hi Pauline hope you dont mind, but just wanted to say something on your converstion with Daniel. I remember reading The Drama of a Child over 20 years ago. I still have the original copy! But anyway I didn\'t love it, just thought it was ok. I re-read it a couple of years ago and it blew me away, as did her other books. I dont know why it didn\'t touch me the first time- maybe I was just so out of touch with myself that I could not have any empathy towards myself. At that time I thought my mum was perfect and I was the problem. A couple of people who I know (and who have been in therapy for years) have read her books and there differing reactions and comments are interesting-one say\'s she\'s too much on the childs side and forgets parents are trying there best, another says the book is amazing, yet sides with her mothers abusive behaviour disowning herself and her needs. I don\'t know if they choose to ignore or discount or minimalise, but certainly when I remember my reaction twenty years ago, or lack of it, I know there was no (conscious) decision to reject her teachings-on reflection and tragically I believe I was so traumatised that there was not much \'self\' to consciuosly do much. Thanks for an interesting thread Paulina 7/25/2010 5:41:24 PM Hi Daniel, thank you for your answer. It\'s not really that I think you blame Alice Miller. But let\'s say your mother understood the book completely (pretty much everyone does, right?), so why she kept on hurting you? Is it possible to \"know\" and not do nothing, is it possible to be so unbelivably cruel? I think this is the thing that is so extremely hard to face for child. I had a situation with my father 1,5 yrs ago that I still cannot go through. I told him once (finally) how severe my depression was, how I suffer each day, that I actually don\'t live my own life at all and told him that this is all beacuse of how they (my parents) were treating me in childhood. I have a brother that is 14 and still lives with them. I asked him to do something to help my brother not to suffer like me in future. And do you think he did anything? Unfortunately nothing. Completely nothing, like I haven\'t said anything to him.... And I still think it must have been something wrong with my explanation of my disease beacuse I cannot understand how can anyone be so cruel....(of course I understand it with my mind, but not with my emotions) I have given this example beacuse it seems to me very similar to you, the book and your mother. You prefer to say that the book was wrong not your mother so extremely cruel. The book helped me, it helped you, why wouldn\'t it help your mother??? And I do think telling anyone what to do or not do is abusive as opposed to informing or even suggesting. If you are abusive to abusive parents who do you think they will put their anger at? Their children? so are you really helping the children? Or you are only abusive the same way they are. Regards, Paulina Daniel Mackler 7/25/2010 1:58:33 PM Dear Paulina (previous commenter on this guestbook), Hmm... Interesting interpretation, but I don\'t agree. According to you I blame Alice Miller in lieu of blaming my mother. In reality I blame my mother far more strongly than I blame Alice Miller --- after all, Alice Miller has done nothing to hurt me. But regardless, I think my criticisms against Alice Miller\'s POV stand on their own two feet. To label my criticisms of Alice Miller as \"weird\" (or \"abusive\") suggests to me that you are having difficulty following their emotional logic, and, to a degree, are siding with the parent, not the child. I don\'t see it as abusive to tell abusive parents (even mildly abusive parents) that it was inappropriate for them to have had children, or to suggest that people with a propensity to abuse their children should not become parents. Thanks for the comment --- it got me thinking --- Daniel Paulina 7/25/2010 8:16:19 AM Honestly after what I read on your page I think you cannot face the fact that your mother read Alice Miller\'s book and did not do anything to help her child. She ignored the knowledge. She must have known she was hurting her child, yet she did nothing. And this is not the book\'s fault but your mother\'s. This was her choice. I am so aware of things going between me and my child after reading this book, I read it and made use of it, that means that everyone can do that, and if someone does not do this, it means the person does not want to use the knowledge. Pointless to blame Alice Miller and try to find some weird mistakes in her theory. Telling someone what they should or should not do (having children or not) is abusive I think. You can only inform them and have hope they understand. Regards, Paulina Daniel Mackler 7/23/2010 8:26:18 PM Thanks all for the kind comments. Sorry I have so little time to respond---I\'ve been on the road for months (filming a new documentary), and have only little bursts of time on the web. If someone wants to email directly you can do that too (my email is at the bottom of my homepage), and I\'ll try to respond---mostly briefly though, because a lot of time I\'m at internet cafes in the middle of nowhere, paying for time by the minute! Thanks again for commenting though---I love reading the comments (even the critical ones)---Daniel Emily 7/18/2010 6:11:57 AM Hi Daniel- I just watched \"The Time Traveler\'s Wife.\" It seemed to me to be a depiction of the dissociation that happens when trauma victims buried emotional memories are triggered. It even talks about how children of unhealed trauma victims can inherit the condition. And, of course, in the movie, they blame it on \"genes\" rather than Alice Miller-style theories of compulsive repetition in order to recover the memory. Just thought I\'d mention it in case you hadn\'t seen it. laz 7/10/2010 3:17:12 PM ...I think the most salient point in your writings is how our culture fails to nourish and support anyone who sets out on a path to find one\'s true self, its failings and wounds, and engages in the process of is a lonely quest, and despite our being separated by distance, it is a comfort to know that there are others out there who feel the same need for truth and Truth and despite all the cultural obstacles and temptations, carry on with such a search, which in the end, will not only enrich our lives but that culture which so disdains our quest... David French 7/2/2010 1:44:15 PM Hi Daniel, Is it possible to enter into a private dialogue with you via e-mail? Best wishes, David French
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Patricia Humphreys 6/20/2010 7:46:40 PM Hi Daniel. I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart and congratulate you on your documentary Take These Broken Wings. It was incredibly helpful to me and my daughter, who has recently been diagnosed with Schizophrenia. She has been told she has a hopeless brain disease and will need to take mind disabling medication for life, \"like insulin for diabetes.\" The ubiquitous medical model in North America is a hard thing to oppose. I think the public desperately needs to know more about the history of the treatment of mental illness, the amazingly optomistic long-term recovery rates of those who are not medicated, and the dubious benefits of (not to mention skyrocketing profit from) neuroleptic drugs. I hope that your film will receive much wider distribution. Many many thanks!~ P. Carrie 6/18/2010 8:32:03 PM I\'m so interested in your views Daniel. I\'m reading Toward Truth just now and would really like to know what you think about \'psychopathy\'. My very limited understanding of psychopaths is that they make some kind of decision, from their early and severe wounding, to only care about themself. I don\'t believe what they do IS that, I think, it might be part of what they believe. Isn\'t this kind of closing off from people a rejection of humanity? I think lots of supposedly non-psychopaths do this too. I wonder about the extent of the turning away from others that you advocate. It troubles me. Cheryl Jonas 6/10/2010 1:51:02 AM Hi Daniel. We met serendiptiously when you were filming at Windhorse. You and I drove over to a \"voices\" meeting and had a great conversation along the way.You gave me the name of a good alternative psychiatrist in Chicago and I am hoping you can re-send that information, since I can\'t find it. I hope your travels and the sites your are filming are being all that you hoped. Emily 5/29/2010 6:23:03 AM Hi Daniel- Thank you for your contribution of this website to these important issues. I like much of what you write. I am also someone who has remained childless (and celibate in recent years) trying to get clean of my traumatized past through therapy and a lot of reading, including Alice Miller. Two things I wanted to mention: 1. I found studying the broader social system of patriarchy (where men control the resources and compete with each other for them and are basically raised to ignore their emotions in furtherance of this \"heroism\" which often includes risking their lives, and where women become objectified and are valued only for fertility) enormously helpful in resolving some issues of why so many people have difficult childhoods. I would recommend Terry Real\'s book \"I Don\'t Want to Talk About It,\" any of Michael Kimmel\'s books, and Alan Johnson\'s book \"The Gender Knot.\" I am a woman and have been interested in trying to find a hetero man (perhaps a co-author) who might be interested in cooperatively looking at the contemporary issues associated with how patriarchy is sort-of unraveling to more equality of the sexes and how this relates to the possibility of reducing trauma in the culture. 2. You talk a lot about seeking perfection and purity. I am not sure that this is necessary? While having standards is important and you include some important standards in your various articles posted here, many of which I agreed with, I think sometimes a calling these standards \"good enough\" is a little easier to swallow? Isn\'t perfectionism a classic coping mechanism (almost an addiction in itself) for trauma survivors? Diane Craig 5/25/2010 6:36:01 AM Please take into consideration the following: Alcoholics Anonymous has helped hundreds of thousands of alcoholics recover from what seemed to be a hopeless situation and from which they were dying. I am one of those. And though I agree that the alcoholic could further their spiritual enlightenment, there are many, like myself who have discovered not only spiritual awakenings by working the 12 steps but enhancement through other self-help programs. Self-mastery is one by which I have found much discipline. But I would plead with you not to take anything away from AA by discouraging the alcoholic from going to seek the beginnings of what may be the best part of life, sobriety, and allow the alcoholic to take what they need and put the rest aside for future reference. You could be saving a life simply by stating the number of people who have found a hopeful beginning there. The book Alcoholics Anonymous states that they only touched the surface. This leaves the alcoholic plenty of room to seek enlightenment in whatever manner they see fit. Personally, I was raised in a loving home where I recieved lots of hugs and kisses and attention. It was just never enough. The very first time I drank, I lost all control over how much I was to drink that night. No one poured it down my throat, no one forced me to drink and we were not playing a card game. I just drank til all the booze was gone. Being alcoholic simply means that the person has lost the control to stop drinking and then they \"think\" they can control it next time. Please re-think what kind of influence you might be placing on the next would be alcoholic who reads your pages. You could be saving a life or detrimental to another. Rosas - 45 y.o. NYC resident 5/24/2010 5:25:30 AM Hello Daniel, great website. Also if not for your website links, I would still have not known of Alice Miller\'s passing just a month ago. I support your work and efforts and undoubtedly appreciate all that you have done and are doing. I need to spend more time reading and thinking on your site. Thanks again. curious n 5/18/2010 3:23:29 PM Hi I just wanted to share my deep saddness at Alice Miller\'s death. She was a great woman who dared to voice the unspeakable truth of the suffering many children have/had at the hands of their parents. The very hands of the people who were meant to love and protect their children. I hope she is resting in peace. The world is a sadder place without her. daxe 5/15/2010 8:07:47 PM Thanks for the \"Critique of Alice Miller\" youTube videos. I would lie to caution against your conclusion to not have children unless you have resolved all your issues. I haven\'t, and i do have two small children. I waited a long time (resolving many issues), but when would i ever know if i was done? Can you be sure about yours? Anyway, it was good for me to realize fully that my parents are children themselves. I almost want to say: parents are children and children are parents. You seem to seek such purity. That is dangerous. It is exactly what Hitler did, isn\'t it? Could you say when you are pure enough to have a child? Could you have told me not to? curious n 5/12/2010 4:14:17 PM Hi daniel, Thanks for being a sane mirror in an insane world. I agree with most things you write, however hearing how you have been able to work for the last 10 years, do music, make films, have some healthy relationships with supportive friends, highlights something for me... I do not want to make light of all your suffering in your child, however I would like to suggest some of us have been so traumatised that we have not been able to function in the world as you have clearly been able to. it is also extremly difficult if not impossible to cut from all romantic links, if the only relationship you have is your partner. And if leaving your partner, cuts you off from all human contact, then that is an isolation that no human being should have to expereince. I do not say it is a bad idea to cut off romantic relationships, but some people have been so traumatised that it would take years, if not their whole life before significant healing can take place. I need human contact and friendship even if it is distorted through the lense of my trauma! I want to end by saying thankyou for all your affirming work and revelations. I love your songs and in part they make me cry when I need to, get in touch with my anger to action things, but most of all they help in giving me the courage to know the work I am doing on myself is worthwhile, within a world that relates to me as unhealthy for daring to look at my childhood in such detail. It is mostly a lonely endeavour, so it is good and esential to have a mirror that reflects my struggles, and reflects much of my sensed truth. Daniel LeBlanc 5/11/2010 9:27:51 PM Hey, Daniel. I\'ve been enjoying you\'re videos and essays on here, in part because I may have finally met someone as bitter about their childhood as me! \"Mom\" was a manipulative control freak that had me as a servant-pet, and \"Dad\" was a workaholic, TV-aholic who barely spoke to me. I\'ve gone most of my my life untrustful of the world and most people, and I often regret having been born. I\'m currently trying to overcome the bitterness steaming from the realization of what has happened to me; have you worked past this yet? Also, I was wondering if you\'ve ever considered looking into Ayahuasca shamanism as a cataylst for growth and healing?? I\'m very interested in this approach and hope to make a trip out to Peru next year. Thanks, and keep up the evolving positive growth. Karen Caswell 4/25/2010 4:58:44 AM Hi Daniel. I just finished reading A Way Out of Madness and want to say THANK YOU in such a big way!!! Wow! Amazing, much needed book! I feel inspired and validated, not only as a newbie therapist, but as a person who can relate to so many of the experiences & challenges described in this book. I\'ve even shared one chapter with a support group I facilitate. Also, I truly appreciate your story and how accessible and open you allow yourself to the book and here on the website. It brought tears to my eyes many times...and simultaneously I feel overjoyed by the fact that you are in this world, touching other peoples\' lives. When you look inside I hope you love what you find! Many blessings ~K Ian 4/15/2010 6:28:43 AM Daniel, can I ask what methods of self-reflection you yourself used to get to where you are today? Perchance would it have been some form of Vipassana meditation? Also I\'d like to make the suggestion that you implement some sort of search function on your site, so those seeking specific passages can find them more readily. Glorioso 4/12/2010 1:20:10 AM Whew, that below was a tense moment. I came across your site as I was looking for more on Alice Miller. I was so sad about my family history, all the loses and survival guilt as I am the last one. My kids are doing really well and I have the time now to do the work I have always needed to do but did not have the time to do. Alice Miller\'s work makes the most sense in understanding how I experienced a really rough childhood. Being closer to her age than yours, I wonder if in some ways, I may have some of the same limitations. I have changed so much over the years as I met certain milestones in my life. I worked with families and their teenagers and had to walk a fine line on how I dealt with them. I found that work helped me understand some of the parents frustrations as well as the children. However, that could only take me so far in my own journey, of course and I know I have lots yet to uncover so am still interested in locating someone who uses the approach that helped you so much even if I do move beyond it (which I kind of doubt but...........) Glorioso 4/10/2010 9:09:07 PM Mom committed suicide. first brother died weighing a couple hundreds pounds over, second brother committed suicide. I became a social worker and have done a bit of childhood work but nothing this deep. Need to now at age 66, am not happy with state of internal state of affairs. Want to find a therapist that knows Ms. Millers work and can apply it. Help. Anastasia G. 3/23/2010 3:37:35 PM Hello Daniel and thank you so much for your videos (youtube) and your words. My na me is Anastasia i am an actress in Greece and i study psychodrama. i ve been doing all kinds of psychotherapy since the age of 21. It s been some days I started reading a book of Alice Miller having so many questions on my traumas and i steped by chance on your videos i just want to send a big thanks for your ideas,words,feelings. Your work will be a tool for me in my way of self therapy,,,,,i am in a moment where i change my life in lots of ways and its very important to find people and share my desires with....and my desire now is to be able to look inside and put in value all the elements of the inner self,,,,,,painful or not ,,,i decided that that s the only way ! again thank you so much ,, Anastasia Rich Hansen, M.D. 3/22/2010 9:01:07 PM What an impressive and amazing Youtubes of yours and Dr. Ross i\'ve just viewed for the first time today. Your web site is amazing. I\'ve been dealing with and treating schizophrenic people all of my seven decades of good living. ... i do wonder why you switched from practicing as a psychotherapist just this month. len 3/18/2010 11:10:46 PM Overpopulation is a myth, complete leftist propaganda. how many people are you willing to killl to save the Earth? Scarley 3/8/2010 10:51:59 PM I\'m a psychology student, and I just read your \'32 reasons why the Schizophrenogenic Mother is incorrect\' and to be perfectly honest, I\'m not entirely sure If you were aiming for humour, or just general off the wall wackiness. Some of your points are correct in a way, yet some of the other less \'blatant\' ones are incorrect. Daniel Mackler 3/5/2010 1:33:39 PM I want to thank everyone who has written on this guestbook! I love reading the comments---always good fuel for thought---and it\'s nice to get feedback too!! So appreciated! Also, this week I ended my psychotherapy practice---and began a new chapter of my life. Everything is changing for me, in a big way---all in a good direction, I hope! ---Daniel Daniel Mackler 3/5/2010 1:30:30 PM Hi Dan (Dan Philips), Good comments---thanks. I guess I should be more clear about why I linked to NAMI\'s definition of schizophrenia. NAMI is a backward, Big-Pharma-money-taking organization and yes, their definition of schizophrenia is very bad---surface and neurologically-oriented. I linked to it almost tongue-in-cheek to show how mainstream psychiatry views schizophrenia---in order to contrast with my point of view. But my error is that perhaps not everyone will understand that I explicitly attack NAMI\'s point of view and do not agree with it. (In fact, my movie directly criticizes NAMI.) So I should probably change the way I link if I give the wrong impression. Thanks for clueing me in---because others have probably wondered the same thing and just not told me. all the best, Daniel
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Mary 3/5/2010 1:00:02 PM Thank you for sharing your insights into trauma and recovery. My own feelings about abuse, denial and the incompetence of many who practice therapy are validated when I read your essays. Good luck in your future endeavors. dan Philips 3/5/2010 9:19:33 AM To add to my last message. I feel that Millers description of Neurosis being the repression of the true self and phycosis as the eruption of early trauma (and the true self) in odd and distorted clues is it any wonder that someone can feel narcissistic rage at how they were treated and be condemned as mad by a society which still denies the abuse of childhood. The enlightened witness Miller describes is what the schizophrenic needs to help them unravell the confusion they are faced with. Odd clues that the young mind has used metaphor to describe the abuse need to be understood and not condemned as delusions and fantasy. To link to a defenition of this condition that states that the condition has nothing to do with parents does rather blow a hole in what you are trying to do with your website ie campaign for more honesty in condemning parents for the abuse they visit upon children. Dan Philips 3/5/2010 9:07:55 AM I have been a fan of Alice Miller and it was very interesting to read your essay on her work and I too have found her first three books very useful. I would argue that \"The Body Never Lies\" is also very powerful and helped me come to the realisation that i was sexually abused by an Uncle and my father when I was a child and had repressed it. I am still on a journey of self discovery and am finding it difficult to find a decent therapist in the UK. The UK especially seems incapable of dealing with childhood trauma and Parents role in this. The one thing i find a little confusing about your website is your link to the defenition of Schizophrenia. My cousin who i suspected was abused by my Uncle has this \"condition\". Alice Miller describes schizophrenia as confusion. Take a young person who cannot face the fact that a Parent has sexually abused them and are facing society saying this kind of thing is not true and a family who face great shame if they admit it and one has someone who is trapped between early trauma and the role expected of them. R.D.Laing\'s book Insanity, Madness and the Family has numerous examples of young women whose fathers abused them and even Laing could not see that though read this after Thow shalt not be aware and it jumps out. I feel that the defention you link too rather undermines your wish to fully explore one\'s childhood which is actually what a Schizophrenic is trying to do without anyone aware of what society denies. just a lad in malibu 2/27/2010 9:08:37 AM most of us know deep down that our parents are bumps on our personal journey, but few ever face it or transcend it...and so they continue this silent cycle. your writings reflect my own awareness - that a child or adult is not responsible for his/her mom\'s or dad\'s happiness. in a metaphysical sense, however, the rejection of one\'s parents is a metaphor for the rejection of life in a box - and this rejection of the safety of a physical world and its ties is essential to one\'s journey...a journey to one\'s soul within, which you have also expressed in different words. for this reason, i thank my parents for being ignorant, underdeveloped humans, for they gave me the opportunity to introspect and reject them. and in my metaphorical rejection of them, i rejected the bounds of a false existence. your words are brave, in a cowardly world. Michael 2/11/2010 1:50:42 AM Daniel, Your website has been a great aid to me in my reconciling of my childhood trauma, and I\'m very grateful to have discovered Alice Miller\'s work through you. Despite similar hypocrisy in terms of personal behavior with his family, I find R.D Laing to have incredible insight into the endemic violence against children that our civilization demands: \"From the moment of birth, when the stone - age baby confronts the twentieth century mother, the baby is subjected to these forces of violence, called love, as it\'s mother and father have been, and their mother and father before them. These forces are mostly concerned with destroying most of it\'s potentialities. The enterprise is on the whole successful. By the time new human being is 15 or so, we are left with a being like ourselves. A half - crazed creature, more or less adjusted to a mad world. This is normality in our present age. Love and violence, properly speaking , are polar opposites. Love lets the other be, but with affection and concern. Violence attempts to constrain the other\'s freedom, to force him to act in the way we desire, but with ultimate lack of concern, with indifference to the other\'s own existence of destiny. We are effectively destroying ourselves by violence masquerading as love.\" - \"The Politics of Experience\" CS 2/2/2010 7:02:45 AM Daniel, from your interview and appearance on; you are a thoroughly likeable fellow! I\'m very impressed with your courage, self knowledge, knowledge of psychology, willingness to challenge yourself and talk about taboo topics in such an open, frank, confident and reasonable manner. I\'ve learned a lot from you in a short time and the rich amount of deeply thought provoking material you\'ve created should keep challenging me for months if not years! All the best to you in the next phase of your career. And thank you so very much for sharing so much of yourself with the audience and community of FDR. CS Marcus 1/27/2010 12:16:38 AM Reason is no aim. Its just a fulfilment. Hope you understand the ironic breeze from the other side of the schizophrenic curtain. I think most psychiatrists would not understand nor believe a word that you promote. Me, I think its merely true. I also think its not that easy to find out as a sane person... Nice work...hope you continue to astonish people with your excellent work. Fred Gracely 1/23/2010 2:06:05 PM I\'m big on analogies, and I wrote a piece that I \"think\" will help people struggling with the concept of the \"truth of their history\" understand it. It\'s posted here: Love to hear thoughts about it. If you think it doesn\'t work, feel free to pull this post from your guest book. I\'d NEVER want to spread confusion instead of clarity. Thanks! Fred Amber 1/20/2010 3:01:32 AM I\'ve spent the last dozen years distancing myself from my parents geographically and emotionally but am STILL working to unravel the deep damage they\'ve done which prevents me from attaining, in your words, \"enlightenment.\" I stumbled on your YouTube channel and was inspired by your suggestions for self healing. I also appreciate the quiet, thoughtful style of your videos. Make more!!! Your channel led me to this site where I\'ve been enjoying your essays now. Thank you for articulating what many of us know to be TRUE from the evidence all around us, but are unable to put a finger on so precisely. You mentioned in some of your videos and essays that you get criticized for pointing out many fallacies of being conventional, especially when it comes to bringing more children into this world, so I just wanted to be one of those people who thanks you for it instead. What you\'re sharing here is very helpful and some of us really do appreciate it. Sebastian Ortiz 1/18/2010 11:09:10 AM Hey there! My name is Sebastian, I bumped into one of your videos which had been refered to in one of the boards. I thought it was very interesting. You might want to check out the website, it seems like quite a few people would like Stef to interview you. S. Loretta 1/17/2010 7:48:31 AM You seem to be both highly intelligent and insightful; yet, humbly aware of where you are at in your own stage of healing. From one psychotherapist to another, here is a great website relating to trauma that may prove useful to you or your clients. I know it has for me because the people who started this foundation also carry very little dissociation and denial around trauma. Best wishes on your path to even greater enlightenment! Daniel Mackler 1/16/2010 3:08:27 AM Hi all--- thanks for the nice feedback. JB---i\'ll check out your website. feel free to email me at dmackler58 at aol dot com ....all the best, daniel JB 1/15/2010 10:32:51 PM I started the first and only Schizophrenia Peer Program in Canada. I would like to talk with you. Jennifer 1/13/2010 2:54:21 AM How did you get so smart? Seriously, a voice of reason in the field of psychiatry. Thank you. Simon 1/11/2010 9:13:47 PM Great Site! bex 12/27/2009 10:46:15 AM Hey Daniel- have really enjoyed seeing your new essays on here- Bex Daniel Mackler 12/24/2009 4:28:04 AM THANK YOU Fred--- yes, so true---the rewards of doing this deep and painful inner work are beyond comparison: DEEP JOY! thank you for sharing this---i appreciate the feedback. i think we all need real feedback. the feedback from within our own selves is the key, but external feedback is so affirming too. i wish you a happy holiday season (assuming this is a holiday season for you)---Daniel Fred Gracely 12/24/2009 4:13:49 AM Thanks for sharing your insights and experience. I too am passionate about \"looking inside,\" and have come to a part of my path where the deep trauma of my childhood is raging to the surface. What is most surprising to me about this is the intensity of the feelings. When you write that neglect is torturous for a child, you couldn\'t be more right. The feelings I am now aware of having had and still being driven by in the present (although partially repressed until now) are beyond wildest imagination. What made it hard for me to connect with the truth of my history is the fact that there was nothing overtly \"wrong\" with my childhood, it was just deeply broken and painful in an \"average\" way. I was lonely and frustrated to a degree that would have any adult jumping off a cliff. What has also been amazing on this part of the path is that there is a counterpart to reconnecting with that suffering: feeling the bliss of the happy child. Just as the pain I felt then was deeper than an adult could typically fathom, so was the joy. Therein lies the promise of enlightenment, I believe -- clearing out the damage done to reconnect with the potential that once existed to be blissfully happy. While my heart told me this was what was going on, reading your beautiful words has brought a whole new confidence that I\'m heading in the right direction. I\'m deeply grateful for your work here. I hope that many people find your site and benefit from your words. Fred
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Daniel Mackler 12/14/2009 1:19:17 PM Hi Nora---here\'s part 2! I just called paypal and they helped me change some of my preferences, so it SHOULD work now if you try again to purchase the DVD. If, however, there is still a problem, I also asked them for the telephone number for Paypal in Australia, so if you wish you call them you can. it\'s: 282239500 . Also, if it doesn\'t work again they said you can get the specific error message and email it to me, and I\'ll call paypal and sort it out. My email is . I hope this helps!!! all the best, Daniel (in NYC) Daniel Mackler 12/14/2009 12:56:38 PM Hi Nora...hmm...very odd, but not the first time this has happened. Paypal has some weird stuff about it, and sometimes gets \"testy\" for reasons I don\'t quite understand. Just so you know, though, I have shipped the DVD to Australia several times after Australian folks bought it with Paypal, though---so there ARE ways of making it work, somehow! (Also, it plays nicely on the Australian all-region DVD players!) I\'ll see what I can do to figure it out!! Frustrating inconvenience, though!!! (We\'ll get it to work somehow, though!) All the best, Daniel Nora Gainey Watts 12/14/2009 8:11:24 AM How come i can\'t get your DVD here in Australia?? HELP!!!! Paypal refuses to ship it here. I have a DVD player that plays region 1 DVDs too!! Daniel Mackler 12/12/2009 2:08:43 PM Thanks for the feedback, Maureen---SO glad you find the self-therapy book useful!! We worked hard on the book---and actually I am using it myself, too, in my own self-therapy. I\'ll also pass on your feedback to Fred, my co-author. all the best, Daniel Maureen Harkness 12/12/2009 11:12:50 AM Hi Daniel Thank you for booklet \'From Trauma To Enlightment :Self Therapy in 12 steps\'. It is amazing and helps so much to make sense of the process Ive been stumbling through. In some ways Im at stage 7 as Im embroiled in grieving but Im going to go back to stage one for the sake of clarity,which youre booklet gives. Very emotional experience to find a book and website like this Thanks again Daniel Mackler 11/30/2009 7:16:25 PM Hi M, I suppose I could sell the PDF or Word version of the text---but gosh, the booklet looks so nice!!! (Just a personal opinion from someone who loves holding a book\'s actual physical copy in my hands.) Thanks for the comment--- Daniel M 11/30/2009 6:21:05 PM You could offer your books *for sale* in PDF or some other electronic format. Some people like to read on the computer rather than a book. Daniel Mackler 11/29/2009 2:05:19 AM Hi all---Thanks for the comments---much appreciated. To Larry and Bob: glad you\'ve been enjoying the videos. The problem with sharing the Self-Therapy book for free is that Fred Timm and I put in a significant financial investment (significant for us, that is!). I try to put as much up for free as I can afford though---in my writings and in the YouTube videos. ERG, I feel torn, but at this point I need to sell it. Thanks for the kind words, though---Daniel Larry 11/28/2009 9:35:48 PM I second Bob\'s interest in a pdf version of your book \"From Trauma to Enlightenment\". Like him, I\'ve watched several of your videos. I\'ve also read many of the article on this site. I\'d like a copy of your book, but would prefer an electronic version. A Word or rtf or html document would be even better than pdf for my purposes. bob 11/21/2009 7:30:02 PM I\'ve been watching your youtube videos and found them very helpful. Now I\'m interested in your book \"FROM TRAUMA TO ENLIGHTENMENT\". Could you make it available in pdf format? David Patterson 11/17/2009 8:36:45 AM Amazing stuff here! :O) love the songs... really enjoy reading your perspective and hearing your experiences, so positive and uplifting. Just what I needed to hear, I will buy some of your cd\'s/mp3\'s soon :O), much much respect, Dave :O) Ed Altwies 11/15/2009 6:33:07 AM Been listening to you CD. I love the songs \"I Don\'t Want Your Diagnoses\", \"They Told Me My Problem is Genetic\", \"I Went to The Shrink\". Poignant. Powerful. Maestro 11/14/2009 1:47:43 AM Thank you so much! Exactly what I needed to read while going through what I\'m going through with my family. Keep going, the room for progress is always infinite, just like the Universe!:) Thank you again and good luck! james gaugler 11/7/2009 5:19:48 AM animals do not always act logically. humans retain animal behavior and exhibit it. We can mindlessly project our expectations onto the environment. This is fact. If you feel depressed and alone, you wish for someone to call out your name to break the loneliness. Wish hard enough, and you will hear it! We have the dangerous power to see past our own reality. I have no doubt schizophrenia is psychological and curable Daniel Mackler 10/30/2009 1:02:24 PM Hi Marg---if you email me ( I can probably connect you with folks in Australia who knows more about where to get good local support. I have connections in a few Australian cities (and just two weeks ago met a radical psychiatrist from Darwin), and they know folks in other places. Thanks for the kind words! -Daniel M. Marg 10/30/2009 8:30:36 AM Would you know of any supportive help in Australia my son had a psychotic break 18 months ago. Luckily I typed the magic words into google Hearing voices and all this encouraging information was available. My son is off medication now, getting to sleep is the problem Zopiclone sleeping tablets seem to be the only answer at present. My son now attends a Hearing voices group. I thank you for your DVD\" Take These Broken Wings\", showing this to others certainly changes their perspective Thank you so much Daniel Jane Slater 10/10/2009 11:08:21 PM Terrific website Daniel. Untangling oneself from the past but enduring lies and traumas of one\'s childhood is important work. Thanks for your courageous work. Daniel Mackler 9/25/2009 7:53:50 PM Robert---hmm, about tapering meds, I really, unfortunately, am not the one to ask. I don\'t even give that kind of advice to people I work with professionally---because it\'s beyond the scope of my license. On the other hand, there are a lot of resources on peer support for this sort of thing---people who have been through it themselves---for instance, Gianna Kali\'s blog Beyond Meds. And Will Hall\'s paper on The Harm Reduction Guide to Coming off Psychiatric Medication. I think it\'s on the web. But ideally you\'d be able to taper in tandem with a psychiatrist---and a therapist too. That\'s what I would recommend. It\'s safest. Just my two cents. Sorry I can\'t be of more help on this one. Yours, Daniel Robert Sturgis 9/25/2009 9:47:32 AM Hey Daniel. I have a question for you: Do you think it is safe to be taking five pills per day each at 50 mgs, and stop taking one at a time. It would be for a month period that each one is eliminated. I ask because my psychiatrist is unwilling to work with me at eliminating my pills (She thinks I need them), so I need to take it into my own hands. I am just wondering if you think dropping down by a pill each month is safe. Thank you. lauren spiro 9/8/2009 10:21:13 PM Daniel, thank you for producing this exquisite, thought-provoking film. I showed it to a dozen people today and will email information and clips of it to hundreds of folks in a few minutes. I will put it as a resource on my work website, You deserve a documentary award!!! and much more. I will do what I can to help sales. I too, have recovered from what is labeled \'schizophrenia\'. Thank you, lauren spiro Daniel Mackler 9/6/2009 1:03:49 AM thanks Susan and Rachael for your kind entries. glad my writing speaks to you. i\'m working on a big youtube project right now where i\'m putting a lot of the ideas from this site into video form---tough work, stressful, lots of self-doubt...which usually means that the work has value! (i hope!!!) thanks again for the feedback, daniel rachael 9/5/2009 10:11:16 PM Hi. I have just discovered this site, while trying to get helpful information relating to a stressful time I am going through. This site has been so helpful in validating me. I have just printed out the piece, \"everyone is his own hated minority\" and put it up on my wall. A beautiful piece. I was surprised to see your picture. With your wisdom, I thought you\'d be much older. I am going to visit your other site. Thank you for this site, which will help open eyes. Susan Catherine Keter 8/26/2009 5:13:18 PM I am happy that I found this website. You are doing great work. I remember when I was seeking therapy after being diagnosed with depression and I could not find a good therapist. I could not find a therapist who understood childhood trauma, especially when there was no major incident of abuse to report. I truly appreciate the work you are doing. Keep it up. There are many people out there who need the services of a good psychotherapist.
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Daniel Mackler 7/21/2009 6:55:24 PM Robert, Sorry I didn\'t see this guestbook entry till today---sometimes it takes a little while for them to post. I don\'t know a psychiatrist with a similar philosophy in San Jose, but Ira Steinman is a psychiatrist in San Francisco ( ) and he holds to a similar philosophy. He might know someone in San Jose... All the best, Daniel M. Makoto Horiuchi 7/21/2009 5:19:20 PM Dr. Micheal Drexler here at the San Francisco VA Medical Center would like to purchase your DVD. However, you or your company is not listed in the CCR Central Contractor Registration for the Federal Govt. Do ou have a DBA? If not I must register you in the CCR. I will need your Tax ID and Duns #. Thanks Makoto Horiuchi Makoto Horiuchi Psychological Services â?? Program Asst (116B) 4150 Clement St. San Francisco, CA 94121 Phone: 415 750-2004 Email: Robert 7/11/2009 5:29:38 AM Would you happen to know of any psychiatrists in San Jose with a similar belief system of recovery from Schizophrenia? daniel mackler 7/3/2009 1:57:19 PM Robert, very glad to hear it!! i just re-read three of the best outcome studies for schizophrenia (courtenay harding\'s, harrow and jobe\'s, and the WHO\'s studies, by jablensky---all cited in the documentary, and all available on the website, and they are very heartening. i hope lots of people read them. they show JUST how possible and even common full recovery without meds can be...--daniel Robert Sturgis 7/3/2009 9:34:40 AM Awesome. Thanks for your reply. Great documentary btw. Enjoyed it a lot. btw, my schizophrenia has gotten a lot better recently for some reason. daniel mackler 6/10/2009 1:21:37 PM Peter, Great article by Bert Karon. Thanks for sharing it. It\'s very similar to much of what he says in my film. I cite this very article in a book I just finished---and am in strong agreement with it. It is consistent with what I have observed as a therapist. I am confused, however, by why you think I wouldn\'t agree with it. You state that I \"ignore any evidence contrary to [my] belief that parenting has no effect on the development of schizophrenia.\" I\'d be the LAST one to state that \"parenting has no effect on the development of schizophrenia.\" I think poor parenting---particularly abusive parenting (which of course all poor parenting ultimately is)---is the PRIMARY cause of schizophrenia. I hope that makes my point of view on the etiology of schizophrenia clear. All the best, Daniel Mackler peter cork 6/10/2009 12:03:34 PM (1994). Psychoanalytic Psychology, 11:47-61 Bertram P. Karon and Anmarie J. Widener \"...therapists who treat schizophrenics generally report a parenting interaction different from that usual to neurotic patients (although there are cases where relevant noxious life events have nothing to do with parents; in other cases, both parents and child are tragic victims of bad or absent professional advice). Communication deviance, measured from parental interaction, the Rorschach Inkblot Test (Rorschach, 1932), and the Thematic Apperception Test (TAT; Murray, 1943) has been found to characterize parents and adoptive parents of schizophrenics. Expressed emotion (intrusive hostility) of parents increases rehospitalization. Genetic factors, at most, represent increased vulnerability\" [but, vulnerability is NOT causation]. \"Pathogenesis, based on clinical observations, is measured from the TAT and is defined as the degree to which the parent, when there is a potential conflict between the needs of the child and the needs of the parent, unconsciously acts in terms of the parent\'s needs without regard to the potentially conflicting needs of the child. Pathogenic parents, as well as their children, are victims in the same way that any patient who suffers psychological symptoms based on unconscious factors is a victim and not a culprit. In a series of studies, mothers of normals averaged 35% pathogenic. Mothers of schizophrenics averaged 65% pathogenic. Fathers of schizophrenics are nearly as high. Most convincing are clinical observations.\" --make sure you ignore any evidence contrary to your belief that parenting has no effect on the development of schizophrenia. That\'s known as \"confirmation bias,\" and it\'s particularly bad science. Daniel Mackler 6/9/2009 3:03:53 AM To Peter Henry: What an odd message you left... Is it my movie you\'re commenting on or somebody else\'s?? My movie traces the roots of schizophrenia to problems in childhood and trauma in the family system---and I\'ve taken heat for that from the biological psychiatry folks!!---and I TOTALLY dismiss the chemical imbalance theory. So I have absolutely no idea from where you\'re deriving your criticisms of my film... To recap: my film says the exact opposite of what you think it says. Daniel Mackler Peter Henry 6/9/2009 2:49:07 AM Your dismissal of any effect a mother\'s parenting has in contributing to schizophrenia is very telling. It\'s a complete sham, and your blind faith in a biochemical etilogy for what is so misunderstood as a \"disease\" only shows you have very little understanding of human behavior while you conform to a biopsychiatric model of abnormal behavior. Gee. How conventionally misleading. Glad I ran into your lies. daniel mackler 6/2/2009 1:16:49 PM good questions, robert. it seems there are many factors influencing whether or not a person will recover. some the movie addresses directly are whether or not the person stays on psychiatric drugs long-term---and if they do, it significantly diminishes their likelihood of making a full recovery. other factors (i talk about some of these in my interview at the end of the film, and some come up during the film): good social support, good housing, good diet, healthy exercise, taking distance from family of origin, working (volunteer even), having meaningful activities to do, friendship, and yes, good therapy too can be invaluable. just as a personal observation as a therapist, i have also observed that people who live with their parents tend to do have a much harder time recovering. also, people who drink and do drugs tend not to do as well---just a personal observation. also, getting good healthy, consistent sleep every night seems to be vital. Robert Sturgis 6/2/2009 4:40:48 AM Hey Daniel. I just saw your documentary \"Take These Broken Wings.\" I was wondering, being a schizophrenic, what are the differences between the people who recover from schizophrenia and those who don\'t. I noticed that the two interviewees both had good therapists, and they both pursued constructive activities.
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Georgia 4/20/2009 7:14:18 PM Daniel, I have just downloaded your albums. I love your gentle delivery and the uncompromising boldness of the words of your songs. How simple, honest, and uplifting the message is, and what courage to commit to such a path of deep healing. I am reading your essays and feeling so touched by what you have to say. You have definitely inspired me to think more deeply and to be more fearless on my own path. Thank you for sharing your journey. Paul Cheminais 4/10/2009 11:38:28 AM Thank you for the Film & this web site. I watched the film the other night - I was already very familiar with the people & ideas in it. It bought up a lot of feelings for me. I haven\'t had the opportunities for such a med free recovery - I have been forced & made dependant on meds; against my will; for the past 20 years. I have managed to get to a low dose of one med (an anti psychotic). I have tried so hard to get med free - but have been unsuccessful. There is unfortunately not enough of the \'right\' kind of help in my life for a med free recovery. People need to be pointing out that \'The Emperor isn\'t wearing any clothes\' in regards to orthodox/mainstream psychiatry & the bio chemical model - it is long since time people stopped believing in lies around \'mental illness\' & that people stopped ignoring & denying the truth - that people can & do completely recover; from even the most severe of \'mental illness\'. This DVD & site is hope that one day we can have the humane & best treatment for those suffering mental distress. Thanks again. Pat Williams 4/10/2009 11:29:51 AM I liked your site. kathleen 3/26/2009 10:07:49 PM I\'d like to see the movie, sounds interesting. Have you heard of R.D. Liang. There is a film he did in the 70\'s call Asylum, you might enjoy it. Very interesting. Daniel Mackler 2/26/2009 4:05:29 PM Hi everyone! Thanks for the nice comments! I\'ll reply to a few of the questions: 1) On ordering films internationally: Yes, you can do this if you have paypal, and I\'ll ship the film internationally. I have done this several times already. Some people, however, tell me that their paypal doesn\'t work internationally, for some reason. If that is the case email me at and we\'ll try to find another way to work it out. 2) Ordering my music CDs: Yes, two of my CDs are out, and I\'ll be selling them through this website very soon! So many things to do, so little time!! -Daniel Jesper 2/26/2009 2:08:06 PM Hi Daniel, is it possible to buy \'Take these broken wings\' if you are living outside USA? It does not seem that way... Kind regards Bex 2/23/2009 11:36:14 AM Hi Daniel - when are we going to be able to order your cd\'s from here? Delores M. Jankovich 2/21/2009 7:18:40 PM I have just found your webite and ordered your DVD. Alice Miller is also my favorite writer in the area of psychology. I am only about one-fourth into the essay on her work and will finish it soon. Thank you for your work and writing this essay. I am a social woker in Kansas. I will write more later. Thank you for bringing hope to the world. Delores josephine anderson 2/18/2009 4:46:18 AM i knew elnora. from 1963-64 i was a research technician at nyu, under her supervision. she was very nice and i learned a lot from her. she was not intimidated by the important doctors around her. she once said she would rather hang out with truck drivers. Eva 2/16/2009 1:32:28 PM I love your DVD. Your message is very inspiring and interesting, especially since I am a clinical social work student. I used to believe that medication was the way for mental illness...This is turning my worldview upside down...and I like it! Thank you! Kathena Bryant 2/4/2009 10:26:15 PM I love your dvd, and your songs too, which I hope you will post here. You are a bright light shining on the ignorance so people can see and move on. Cate Johns 2/3/2009 2:38:23 PM Perhaps you need to specify the kind of degree that a potential parent should have. Some degrees, from some colleges or universities are worthless (fine art, ceramics, tourism, leisure, marketing, etc). Also in the UK at least, there are many Univerisities that will take students with very low grades. In an ideal world it should only be parents who have been through a rigorous degree programme at a top notch university who should be allowed to procreate. Imagine, if your philosophy had been in place, you would not have to suffer a President like Obama! marko 1/19/2009 4:08:35 PM Great job! Keep up the good work! Love your articles! Gianna 1/15/2009 6:24:09 AM Dear Daniel, I\'ve highlighted your video on my blog. I lifted some stuff off your site...I\'m assuming it\'s probably okay as I\'m promoting your film... let me know otherwise... your work looks fascinating...your articles courageous. Saying things no one wants to hear. good for you. please see my website: peace to you. Kaleo 12/13/2008 12:36:15 AM Hi Daniel, Great to see your new site and all the amazing work you have been doing. Would love to read more about your film and find a way to get it shown in my neck of the woods. Take care - Gilad S. 12/13/2008 12:22:35 AM It is said humans have the innate ability to recognize beauty. That\'s what I recognize here. all the best g Bex 12/11/2008 8:59:25 AM The new website is looking great and is a true testament to all the hardwork and dedication it must have taken! What a powerful and comprehensive (perfect word Fred!) guide to thinking about ourselves and the world we live in and what we need to address before enlightenment is possible!- An Inspiration! Clare 11/30/2008 7:55:05 PM I love your new site Daniel. Such a comprehensive collection of wisdom generously shared with the world. I constantly share your essays with friends, colleagues, and clients. Keep writing. C rob 11/29/2008 2:39:35 AM i really connected with some of the writing here. thanks. Fred 11/22/2008 1:34:51 AM This is a very comprehensive website ... spelling out a world view that could turn the course of the world from its self-destruction if people applied the wisdom laid out here. Kudos and thanks to Daniel Mackler