On parenting, families, and procreation

The basis for all childhood trauma starts in the family, with parents, and for that reason I devote much of my energy to studying families and parenting – and to studying the experience and consequence of being a child in a partially unhealthy family.

2 thoughts on “On parenting, families, and procreation

  1. Dear Daniel

    Thank you for your bravery and your ability to speak truth to power especially in our diseastrous political system with Trump. I am now a 66 year old white PHD biopsychologist who through your work as well as Irving Kirsch and Whitman’s work and others realize most of what I learned and taught medical students in a major University was wrong. I now see that as a child and later I was psychically, emotionally and sexually abused and labeled the sick one schizophrenic and received every psych med that was available at the time. I decided at an early age I would never have children because I did not want to pass on what I was incorrectly diagnosed with. As I grew I tried to do my best but was eventually considered disabled by the mental health system when I became very discouraged though not suicidal and was hospitalized against my will with police and ambulance. In the hospital I was made fun of and further abused and traumatized by staff and patients where my life was threatened and I was given pornographic pictures by a woman. I became more and more desperate and tried to express my pain was hospitalized many more times with more abuse and became extremely traumatized. If there is anything I can do to help you with your brave approach please let me know though I am basically housebound now due to extreme fear. I am hoping I can write a book about my many experiences. Please keep up all your work. Love to you. Zel

    • Hi Zel
      I am so sorry you had to endure so much hardship and abuse in your life.
      I truly hope you are in a better place today.
      I wish you a complete healing…

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