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(62) mara j
Fri, 28 March 2014 12:42:06 +0000

wondering if there is anyway to watch the film if i don't have a dvd player. i have a laptop that no longer comes with a dvd/cd drive...thoughts?
mara j

(61) Pat Dixon
Mon, 10 March 2014 23:43:52 +0000

When I read this article, and saw the video below, I immediately thought of you and your wonderful videos. If you weren't already aware of Geel, I'm betting you'll find it interesting.
I'd sure love to see a Daniel Mackler video of this town. Incidentally, I've shown some of your videos to at least a half dozen people and will continue.

(60) Stevev Cpffey
Mon, 3 March 2014 12:12:57 +0000

Hello Daniel,
Your words are very encouraging and I find it very exciting to hear someone say this out loud.
The awareness that we are living out this survival life of comforrting ourselves in order to avoid the truth about our childhood experiences is a breath of fresh air and I really appreciate your personal touch as you educate and enlighten people to this difficult truth.
Steve Coffey

(59) Rafael S
Wed, 5 February 2014 00:40:43 +0000

Hi Daniel, I have written in your guestbook a few months ago. Thank you for your youtube videos I found myself listening to you again trying to make sense of dealing with intense indescribable anguish of not being able to bond with others. I feel like a monster and started to believe that im innately evil. I loathe myself . Feel like my inner child is dead and false self completely took over. The emptiness hurts so much its even the words that I speak are not me. How do I get through this hell my willingness is shriveling??

(58) cristina
Mon, 3 February 2014 14:38:16 +0000

Hi, thank you for your music and lyrics. I'm so grateful to you that I posted your song against DSM diagnosis on my page.
Keep up the good work!

(57) Daniel Mackler
Sat, 25 January 2014 17:24:24 +0000

hi anita -
i'll send a backchannel email. greetings!

(56) Daniel Mackler
Sat, 25 January 2014 17:23:03 +0000

dear Metta---
i'll reply backchannel to your email -- and see if i can help you. i do know icarus folks, and also am willing to donate films, but shipping costs a lot!! maybe we can work something out about shipping!
all the best to you!

(55) metta
Sat, 25 January 2014 07:54:16 +0000

Dear Daniel,

Greetings from the Davao, Philippines! My name is metta and I found out about your website, writings and documentaries through your youtube video called CHILDHOOD TRAUMA AND THE ART OF HEALING. It is very helpful and we are very grateful to have it as a resource for our plan to form a mental health collective/support group this year 2014. As for now we are in the process of studying or learning more about alternative approaches to various psychiatric issues. To be honest, our group is not expert and we don't have any experiences but we hope to be successful because this will be the first grassroots alternative/radical mental health collective in the Philippines.

Another is that we want to ask you if there is a chance that you can donate any of your DVD or books helpful for our group? Besides, we also have a community library, so we also accept donations or resources as we are just poor activist trying to make solutions to many complex problems created by this madness-driving capitalist, patriarchal system.

Another question is, do you have a friend or do you know someone from ICARUS Collective? They are also doing great actions dealing with mental health. Anyway, thanks for all your works and contribution!

best wishes,

(54) Tony Talacko
Fri, 24 January 2014 14:29:31 +0000

Hi Daniel,
So glad to find your site. I am a mental health professional and find that the current system of drugging clients and not providing healing to be against my morals and ethics. I'm glad to know that there are others who seek a way to heal mental illness not just cover it up with "Medications".
Peace, Love and Light,
p.s. captcha are a pain. :-)

(53) Anita McKone
Wed, 22 January 2014 23:47:55 +0000

Hi Daniel

A second message, to say I've been reading a number of your essays, and I watched your video on confronting parents, and listened to your 'bullshit' song. I've just been very moved reading your 'The Traumatised Are Safe' essay. You are a very unusual person, in your capacity for fearless truth telling, even when this will mean triggering people into their fear, with possible nasty consequences for yourself. Although, as you clearly appreciate, what first appears nasty, inevitably is liberating, if it helps you to know the truth more deeply. I feel the same way you do about taking responsibility for healing myself, rather than passing on that burden to a next generation. And my husband has spent his life trying to work out how to help the children who already exist, rather than creating any of his 'own'.
I am hoping we can connect via email (though that obviously depends on your time and inclination). In addition to the docos I mentioned in my last email, I have a couple of long documents about my confrontation of my mother which you may be interested in (a nonviolent action involving a peaceful vigil supporting my request for financial reparation, which landed me in prison for over three months for conscientiously breaking a domestic violence restriction order, and resulted in me defending myself in front of a jury). It was an amazing experience - we felt and learned so much, about my parents, the legal system, humans generally, and, of course, myself. Having been through all that, I resonated with many of the points you made in your video. I like the way you tell people what to expect, but don't discourage them from doing it. Obviously, every person needs to deal with their parents according to their own situation and inclination, but it is so often the case that I have to go into a situation, even knowing intellectually what the likely outcome is, to really access the feelings deeply enough to come to a clear and powerful understanding that really changes my sense of self.

Anyway, I'd love to hear where you are up to with your own 'terrifying' journey foward.

Cheers; Anita

(52) Anita McKone
Mon, 20 January 2014 01:11:15 +0000

Hi Daniel,
I'm a nonviolent activist and independent psych researcher from Australia. Your site is really informative - I had a similar experience of having middle class parents and being supported academically, while suffering abuse that led to me having to end my relationship with them. I enjoyed your lively and insightful interview on Open Paradigm. Your anger (fully justified) at the current mainstream psych system is palpable, as is your commitment to change. Good on you for genuinely caring so much for yourself and others.

Thought you might be interested in the following article:
Fearless Psychology and Fearful Psychology:

and The Peoples Charter to Create a Nonviolent World:

Lots of love; Anita

(51) Erna
Sun, 19 January 2014 18:14:07 +0000

i am glad that i broke contact with my parents. when i was together withs them in a room, it was THERE thoughts, beliefs and espacially there need for denial, what counted. i could not stay for some months constantly in contact with my personal feeling (or hopefully inner wisdom), as long as i was in contact with them. there are big problems with that decision of me too, but i would not know a better solution so far. i find it very well explained by you, how the emotional need of parents as well as the young adult having learned to be dependent on them makes the emotional healing impossible.
There are surely many exeptions of this rule, but as i don´t belong to these exceptions - thank you for your videos, which encouraged me to this step.

(50) Daniel Mackler
Wed, 25 December 2013 22:14:37 +0000

Hi Carol,
Greetings! I'll reply backchannel -- but you can purchase it on this website under the DVDs (English) page with Paypal.
All the best --

(49) Carol Koepp
Wed, 25 December 2013 15:10:35 +0000

I would like information about purchasing a DVD copy of Take These Broken Wings.

(48) Valerie Corzine
Tue, 26 November 2013 01:12:26 +0000

Thank you so much for sharing your story and also all the work you do on documenting alternative treatments such as Open Dialogue and Healing Homes.

(47) Felipe Lobo dos Santos
Tue, 19 November 2013 09:38:38 +0000

A beautiful work and very innovative. Something very important to have in mind (and in the body ...or this is the same)! Congratulations!

(46) Madeleine Callebaut
Sun, 3 November 2013 05:27:06 +0000

Hi Daniel. I have not read any of your work but I have seen your youtube clips. I am intrigued by this form of caring therapy and hope to access something similar in Australia. .... xif it exists. I am a young. Female and have been suffering at the hands of my doctor's for too long. I hate them and am at the point of relinquishing their care but its sad that I know its only a matter of time before they send the police to bring me in. I live in brisbane queensland Australia. If you have any contacts near where I live I would greatly appreciate the help. Thankyou very much. Maddy

(45) Sepehr
Sat, 2 November 2013 19:34:28 +0000

Dear Daniel,

first of all, let me say I'm truly grateful for your videos on YouTube, I watched all of them and a lot of them 2-3 times (and I probably will buy some of your books when I have more money). I'm VERY attracted to "finding my true self", growth, healing from childhood trauma etc., and I do want to go this way. Unfortunately, I had a discouraging experience lately; it was when I moved to a different city, away from my parents and acquaintances. In the second night, I smoked some pot (never smoked it again since), when suddenly an intense anxiety came up, which was hard to endure, it stayed for days, till I decided to move back, because I felt so damn isolated, helpless.. it was just too much horror, and I feared that I now have lost my comfort forever..

Now I'm again preparing to move, now to a nearer city... I see that coming again, and it will (I'm still not completely free of it, after 2 month)... Now I'm again full of willpower to go through this, but I know all this will vanish again when such a horror comes back.. It was like I was losing myself, I had nothing to hold on to, my usual phantasies, pleasures etc. vanished, replaced with anxiety, fear of losing happiness forever, ending up in suicide..

*sigh* I don't know what to write, I just hope you have any tips, you could provide any information, I don't know.. It's messy.

With best regards,

(44) James Ashley Shea
Thu, 31 October 2013 23:48:10 +0000


Have you seen the video yet?

(43) Bart Schouten
Wed, 30 October 2013 18:06:57 +0000

I received your documentary "Open Dialogue". Watched it today. Very intriguing to see how those family therapists and doctors are baffled by your question "are you personally at risk by not medicating?" The only thing that is missing from the film is to interview some policy makers at the municipality level or perhaps the next-higher-up level of governance.

(42) Daniel Mackler
Tue, 29 October 2013 20:23:49 +0000

Hi All -- thanks for commenting. John -- I'm actually in Melbourne right now, and I'll write you a backchannel email. wishing you the best, Daniel

(41) John
Mon, 28 October 2013 23:48:21 +0000

Hi Daniel, are you coming to Melbourne, Australia this month?

(40) rafael stoklosa
Sun, 6 October 2013 01:01:24 +0000

Hi Daniel, I am currently reading your book Toward Truth. It makes REAL sense. My whole life I have been existing through eyes of dissociation. A horrible never ending hell of nothingness if it wasn't for a brief collapse of the false self I was convinced that this existence was reality. The veil of illusion lifted I finally could SEE for the first time in my life. The internal voice was gone everything was in 3d. I felt true feelings not pretended ones. I was a part of everything . Next day it was gone hell returned I wanted to commit suicide as a result of this. One day of true living in 3 decades of living?. Your book is revolutionary. How separate I am from myself a walking zombie damaged a monster. The ego reminds me incessantly. An optimal life of a human is living thru the true self.

(39) Simon
Thu, 3 October 2013 04:12:25 +0000

Just found your website having been reading Alice Miller for some time.
Thank you.

(38) teresa rudgley
Wed, 2 October 2013 00:26:01 +0000

Finding the road back to liberation from suffering is no mean feat, but once achieved i can see the individual can bring so much hope and love to many others. Its a life time work. Your clip on healing suffering shows much wisdom. How refreshing to see someone who is prepared to do the ultimate in hard work to be real and stay real. A message of hope.
When i became a mother and watched that process of control unfold from all the adults around my children and even observing my own behavior, i know this negatively effected my children's unique spirit - my intuition knew what was right but circumstances impact us more profoundly than we can ever predict.

(37) Claudette
Sat, 28 September 2013 14:35:52 +0000

I am so glad to have been able to buy all four of your DVD's. You are doing good work and are a true inspiration. I am glad to have found your blog - I just read some of your writings about dreamwork and agree - I have done minimal dreamwork but find it fascinating. Dreams can be one way to deepen our understanding of ourselves. I have found miraculous physical and emotional healing through nutrition, supplementation, Energy Medicine and Energy Psychology, and feel truly blessed in that sense. It is something I want to share with the entire world, but unfortunately, there are those who just don't want to believe that if it isn't in the form of an FDA approved prescription, it can't possibly work. How frustrating!! Thanks again.

(36) Daniel Mackler
Wed, 25 September 2013 16:20:50 +0000

Hi everyone! I've been responding to these guestbook messages backchannel. Thanks for posting!! all the best to you--------

(35) Alex
Sat, 21 September 2013 04:24:44 +0000

Hello Daniel,

how are you?

I am sorry,but my sister ordered the wrong DVD without german Subtitles,could she send you the DVD back? And trade it to a DVD with german Subtitles? It would be nice. The name of the DVD is "Take these broken wings".

Greetings, Alex

(34) sherry
Wed, 11 September 2013 19:58:51 +0000

Your site is amazing.I would like some input from you on my troubled relationship with my mother,and I love the work you have here.I left most details on a comment under "good enough mother" blog entry.I would appreciate at least your thoughts on my situation.Anyways,thank you for the remarkable work.

(33) Jesse Barksdale
Wed, 11 September 2013 18:56:49 +0000

Hey Daniel,

I tried ordering the 4 DVDs from the DVD page but couldn't get the purchase to go through. Wanted to see if you were having problems with paypal or anything. I can also send a check. Lemme know what the best way is, thanks!